Severe pain in upper arm, shoulder and neck. HELP

For years I have been what I called clumsy or uncoordinated and didn’t understand why. In 2011, I began having severe pain in my left arm between my shoulder and elbow. It felt like a nerve type pain and felt like someone was taking a knife and stabbing me in that area. My arm also was swollen in that area. I had MRI and all kinds of physical therapy. I think the doctor just didn’t know what to do with me and sent me there. Time rocked on and I just suffered and the symptoms would come and go. In Feb 2013, I fell while walking on the road and the saga continued. They thought I had stroke, left side weakness months of tests done. Blood pressure went crazy. I switched doctors and the new one sent me to therapy for the left side weakness etc. I had to wait until Sep. before I was able to see a neurologist. Had more different type tests done and finally received the spino cerebellar ataxia diagnosis. Now my right arm is doing the same thing. I am just really miserable with pain in my right arm, shoulder and right side neck. I can only believe that it must be the ataxia thing. Has anyone else had anything weird like this?


Sorry about all the pain you are having. The only thing I could suggest is a Spectracell Micronutrient test. It is a special blood test that test your white blood cell for nutrients. Here is some info describing what this test is about.

I have carpal tunnel and tendinitis, not sure if it’s related to the ataxia I have or not.


I get very tight muscles wich causes the "pain" in my joints.. Try ostopaths especialy at a techingschool as the learning (but already well taught) pupils wh0 ten to be more excited to get unusual patients and love to practice ad expand on the treatment we need as Ataxia patients.

Sorry to hear of your pain.. I know ataxia can cause different types of muscle pain due to the stress caused by our ataxic movements. Also bad posture trying to balance. Sometimes it causes nerve pain too.

I hope your physio understands this .. I had sural nerve pain for years but when I was prescribed Baclofen for muscle rigidity, I found it eased the sural nerve too. Mind you this did coincide with us getting new sofa with recliner seats which gives much better position for relaxing. I even type with my laptop on the sofa arm whilst reclining. When I think of all those years of sitting up straight [trying not to slouch] but this suits me much better.. no pains now. I only take baclofen in the late afternoon. I dont like taking drugs but this really does make life much easier.

Get onto your Neurologist. Talk about Parkinson's medications to help relieve cramping/pain. I take Madopar to assist

Thanks everybody. I will get appointment with my neurologist n go from there.

Dear PG, I think having ataxia causes tightness in muscles, which in turn causes pain here and there in our body. Speaking from experience, I use my muscles in a different way, just to hold myself up and also to do things. Therefore, this causes stress on nerves, which in turn causes pain. This is just my opinion/theory. I exercise for strength and balance, and do stretches each day, as this seems to help me. I hope you resolve your arm pain issue soon! ;o)


I've had pain in my left shoulder arm for last 18 years it feels much like frozen shoulder pain. I went to my physio for an assessment and have been given exercise which do seem to help. The other exercise which helps is doing windmills they do make my arm hurt at first but I can feel the benefit, just keep moving.



Please look at my post 'People on this forum complain about numbness in hands and feet' The article on magnesium pain is associated with magnesium deficiency.


Please read my post 'Resolving magnesium deficiency a key to resolving most pain and numbness' If you cannot resolve your pain. You might ask for a RBC magnesium test to see if you are magnesium deficient? Donot let the doctor give you a regular serum,blood level test it is not adequate.


Please scroll down to the illustration of a man with neck and shoulder pain.

I to have spino cerebellar ataxia with the same pain you describe. They did an MRI of my neck and spine and told me it was problems with disks C3 through C7. Now the right side of my neck also hurts. I have never had a test for low magnesium. I am going to as my dr. about this. Thanks