Sheffield (UK) Ataxia Branch newsletter

Sheffield (UK) Ataxia Branch newsletter

including item on visit to South Wales


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Nice to see such an active group!
Thanks for posting this Newsletter , Alan!

Yes we try to be as active as we can, but at the same time having discussions and friendly chats is very important. Anyone is welcome to join us, we meet once a month (the first Thursday of the month) at the Circle in Sheffield.


Toyah (Co chair)

Thanks for the invitation Toyah. But I live in the USA. You are really out of my way… :slight_smile:

Take care! Cicina

Hi there we don’t live near you either but would love to be able to chat to
People in England as a lot of people I get to talk to are in the states and their treatments are a little different to ours, I hope that would be ok? I
Also read on the site here there is a facebook page do you know the link? Thankyou.


As it happens I am in Sheffield today, to visit the Ataxia clinic and tomorrow for a dinner with the Sheffield Ataxia brach at Tapton Hall.

I am sure that Toyah and co will be welcome to communiate with you.
I live in Wales, but visit Sheffield very often and (as you can see) convey alot of information.
hence the reputation of Raredisease warrior.

I also head up Ataxia in Wales
Our facebook page - Ataxia South Wales is still online.

I will pass your note to Toyah, tomorrow

Alan. @alanROYGBIV