How did you find the group

Hi Loz,

Find the group?

Did you join Sheffield ataxia group

Hi Loz!

What a change in the weather today!!

Actually it was like this when I went to Sheffield last week, I was indoors all day and when

I came out to get the train home, baking hot sunshine, and I was sitting on the wrong side

of the train for shade!

I live in Newcastle, an Ataxia Centre has opened here and I'm one of the volunteers there.

There was a meeting at Sheffield, at the Circle, nothing to do with the meeting for Sheffield

Ataxia group. Although this caused some confusion. I was with Marion, another volunteer

from Newcastle, on arrival we were sent upstairs to to the designated ataxia room. After

about 20 mins and no sign of anybody, we checked with reception who said yes we were

in the right place. Eventually somebody popped their head around the door, the rest of

our group were having coffee along the corridor! Luckily Marion and I had enjoyed a

lovely coffee and croissant at the station.

This meeting was to do with giving support and advice to newly diagnosed Ataxia sufferers.

Are you a member of the Sheffield group? We haven't got one in Newcastle.

loz said:

Did you join Sheffield ataxia group