Shoe Recommendation

Hi everyone!
My mom has SCA type 10 and I am looking for a good supportive shoe for her. She has tried many shoes before and none seem to be helping with her feet pain or balance when she is walking. She is using sketchers right now but they are wearing out and the insole is already very flat and I assume uncomfortable. She has tried vans from a recommendation but they were too heavy for her while she was walking and caused more imbalance.
I’m looking for a snug and light shoe that she can also wear to work (she is very self conscience about wearing bulky shoes to work because she works at a law firm and they have given her special permission to wear tennis shoes). I am also looking for any good insole orthotic inserts that I could add to the shoes if that would help as well. I was thinking of taking her to a place to get specialized foot inserts, has anyone tried one of those stores in the US?

You might find some good recommendations here in these threads: Supportive, good quality shoes - #16 by James_E_H and here Ataxia/Foot Ware


:slightly_smiling_face: A good Podiatrist should be able to recommend suitable Orthotic Inserts.

I feel comfortable and safe in Sketchers too…and find it difficult to search out a ‘fashion shoe’.