My daughter Joy is 29 and has always had a hard time finding the right shoe to wear. She finally found a light wear boot that goes up the ankle and zips up the side and ties up the front and wears them everyday. She doesn't wear anything else. She loves them. They also have flowers on the front.

Me to it took me ages to find shoes I won’t go ass over t.t .soft light trainers.that does me.

they sound nice, maybe you could share the make or a link as Im sure lots of us would be interested - Im always on the lookout for comfy shoes and have had to give in and start taking the pregabalin regularly!

I also got a pair of soft boots saw them on eBay very comfortable and lite weight

Hi gfgill what’s pregabalin? If you don’t mind me asking.
This is all new to me. X

hi Julie - its a drug for neuropathic pain, I was given it for nerve irritation in my feet - I think that's early stage peripheral neuropathy, was given it years ago and only taken it when I was doing a lot of walking, but recently its been bad so Ive given in and started to take it. Actually, the main side effect was tiredness but this is settling down now and isnt too bad and its the only side effect.

Hi darjoy!

I am also 29 and finding a shoe that works for me has been a struggle. I was a shoe lover and still am, but I cannot wear the shoes I want because of my ataxia. I also tend to drag my feet, so all shoes I wear get really abused at the toe; I frequent the cobbler to get the toes of my favorites repaired. Are you referring to a "combat" looking boot (they are very on trend now!)? If you could post the link to the boot that would be helpful. I am going on a cruise and need to find a shoe that will work for me by the pool and for walking, since flip-flops are out of the question! Any advise on a sandal style shoe?

Hi: My daughter's boots are a "combat" looking boot with zipper up the side and tie in front. They have fancy flowers all over them that make them look pretty. There really isn't a brand name on them but we got them at Target. Hope your cruise goes well and is fun.

Yes, I always wear boots too. I do not wear anything else, but it really is hard in the summer. They have to be absolutely flat of course, and have non-slip soles.

I had problems until a couple of years ago with pain on the bottoms of my feet and on a friends advice tried merrel shoes and found a comfortable bottom and been happy ever since. Merrel has a factory outlet store in the next city and it came in handy. I am on my second pair now. I tried the pregablin meds and found I wanted to cry all the time and got off when I found out it gets some people suicidal. Someone should keep an eye on you for a while I think. Jerry

I will look and see if they can be bought in New Zealand. Probably not, we are so far behind so many places in a lot of ways.

I'm in the UK and wear Flyflots they are so comfy and sturdy they can be bought on there is also outlets across the country

I have no suggestions. Just wanted to say how much I miss pretty heels!!!

I really think there would be big business for someone to design clothes and shoes and supportive devices for people with disabilities and health problems/medical needs that are drop dead gorgeous and sexy! Like if the made back braces that looked like lingerie corsets, for example Really, they could make a fortune.

Along those lines – I think getting them on might be difficult --, but I was wondering if anyone has tried knee high, or higher, leather boots ( obviously couldn’t have a heel) , I was thinking they might help some with the wobbly ness ?? Don’t have any, so haven’t tried - anyone else.

I miss wearing heels every day! I finally just recently got rid of all of my heels (I kept one of my favorite pairs, just in case...). I think about designing fun, attractive, practical shoes and medical devices all of the time, but don't have time to actually go through with it... Although I did talk to the woman who developed the Balancewear vest about designing something I could wear under my wedding dress to help me get down the aisle!

About boots, I have a pair of Frye Melissa button tall boots and they are my favorite boots to wear (I invested in a second pair this year)! There is a 1" heel, but they work great for me because I walk on my tip toes a lot. So placing my heel on the ground first when I walk is near impossible (*Anyone else with this problem?). I also find that shoes with leather soles last much longer for me and I also get a rubber toe tip placed on the tip to slow the wear down on the toes (from dragging my feet) . I find that any kind of boot or shoe with a rubber sole is almost immediately ruined at the toe after first wear. So they are much more expensive than I would normally buy, but are well worth it in my eyes- I wear them practically everyday to work (I work in an office that is very business casual and casual twice a week), so it made sense for me. You do need to scuff up the bottoms prior to wear because they are leather and very smooth. Not recommended to wear on an icy, snowy day, but I like them for mild days in the Fall, Winter and even Spring!

I guess I will always be a shoe lover- I just can't wear those gorgeous, sexy heels anymore! :(