Supportive, good quality shoes

I am looking for a good, supportive shoe. I would like flat, not squishy, slip on shoes. Can anyone please suggest where to get a good pair from? I find it difficult to put shoes on or do shoes up. HELP! With good shoes I may not be quite so wobbly…Ha

Thanks for any ideas/suggestions.
have a look at this website - I use these for shoes and slippers. You can try them on at most mobility shops but much cheaper to buy them on eBay - I usually take a UK 7 but in Cosyfeet I only need a 6 and that is even with my orthotic inserts in them. They come very wide and very long with excellent fastenings.
An example on eBay would be item number: 350058660474

take care, Patsy

I got some piedro boots they lace up which isnt easy but with leg splint as well I can stay stood long enough to get around my local co-op using their mini trolleys as a walker. Gives me about 5-10 mins stability just enough to get back to my scooter with the bread and milk!

On a ‘good day’, I do find it easier to ‘take steps’ with those on as they do tend to help lift my foot a bit better. However some days they don’t make much difference if my legs aint gonna go they just wont go whatever shoes I’m wearing.

Piedro also do boots that have velcro fastening and they have a new range of adults orthopedic shoes which also might work for you.

I still use But my daughter works for Churches Shoes and she got me a pair. They are lovely but also expensive. Not sure what your budget is. You say you want flat, but I have to have just a slight heel on mine or I rock backwards when I stop. We have a clarks sale outlet in Bicester Village, so I take a trip across there annually with my youngest. Good luck. Hope you find what you are looking for. Jenny.

If you live in the UK flyflots are worth looking at totally adjustable available from there are outlets around the UK and ireland.

My husband wears Sketchers but they are more of a casual lace up shoe so if laces are difficult they won't be for you. Laces will always give you more support than a slip on shoe. Salomon and other sports brands make shoes with a toggle to pull them tighter rather than laces.

My husband (with ataxia) makes orthotic insoles - these would really help as they provide stability and postural alignment. If you're in London (or can get to London) you're welcome to go and see him for some advice - he offers free 30mins consultations and is based in Great Portland Street. The website is

As a personal trainer, I have found that for one of my clients who has Parkinson’s a taxi a, that the New Balance 1012 is an outstanding shoe. They are lace-ups, but you can get toggle laces for them as a specialty order. I have noticed dramatically enhanced stability in my client as a result of using these shoes.

I love tevas I have 3 pairs and that's all I wear!

Hi Alison,

For years I have gone for a particular type of shoe. There are traits that they have to have, they have to be leather, so that your feet can breath, they have to have a round toe and a flat sole, preferably with deep tread for grip and they have to be knee high boots because they are not only supportive but you can get some very attractive, comfortable ones.

If you are in New Zealand, you may like to try Ziera shoes or Pickaberry shoes. Shoes are so important, so the most important thing to remember is not to be rushed. You will know what you are looking for so take your time.

If you have a Fleet Feet store near you, they will give you expert advice.

Someone on here recommended special trainers so I went to Running World to try them on. The young man sales assistant was a bit amazed as I had my rollator with me but he soon understood my needs.

I ended up getting Saucony and they have inbuilt orthotics. They were £100 but worth every penny as they support my feet beautifully.

I am obviously still wobbly but feel more comfortable and confident. They are entirely breathable and I am told can go in the washing machine but I havent tried that yet. I have laces so can loosen them if my feet swell but he did offer me elastic laces if you want them as slip ons.

My going out shoes are just ordinary slip that I bought in a Gardening Centre!!


NEVER use slipons!!!!! No support, no good. fit Shoes must fit like a glove. There are many types of shoes with VELCRO, sneakers, casual, even dress.You are wastting money with slip ons.

My husband likes Birkenstock sandals.

Jonas Cepkauskas said:

NEVER use slipons!!!!! No support, no good. fit Shoes must fit like a glove. There are many types of shoes with VELCRO, sneakers, casual, even dress.You are wastting money with slip ons.

I absolutely agree. You are so right when you say the fit is so important and slipons are a waste of time and money.

check out This is where I get my shoes. I get the Falcon brand.

I get lots of compliments on these. In fact, I also ordered the metallic ones for a dressier look.

I'm not sure where you are based Alison, Back in the UK I usually stuck to 3 Brands of shoes I was told to just basically wear trainers all the time as they will give the best support *kind of sucks if want to doll up though finding nice supportive shoes*. My shoe choices were Sketchers can buy chunky ones if feel need more stability, Hush puppie lace up leather shoes tad bit expensive but they lasted me forever! Still looked immaculate till lost one in a move back home =0( I also brought the Nike toneup trainers I think they were made by nike the ball in heel resembled what I called a woobly board that they used in physio for me to strengthen leg muscles and co-ordination I lived in those and did notice they really helped train and constantly tone legs up I was gutted this year when saw the sole had worn away over the heel area to show the ball inside. I have noticed since i've stopped wearing them my ankles feel weaker and turn inwards more again but I dread to ask my Hubby to fork out $60 for a pair of those but i've noticed the difference within 2 months. In my younger days I had as Kati does Piedro boots which I absolutely detested with a passion those were paid by the NHS though I know you can customize them if go privately, my experience though with those was when I was a child adults are more susceptible to wearing what suits their needs and not what fashion dictates. I wish you luck in your shoe search Alison.

New Balance walking/trail shoes.