Silver Linings

I’m always trying to stay positive, so I decided (yesterday) to look for silver linings in all of this craziness with Covid-19. I certainly don’t want to diminish the thousands of deaths we’ve had. I’m just trying to find any possible redeeming qualities.
So, luckily, many pets got adopted. People had to slow down for a change! My sister’s job (essential) got more secure (thankfully). Families got closer. The good side of people came out. That’s just a few. Can you think of any?


:slightly_smiling_face: Here in the UK, initially there was a ‘blitz type’ atmosphere, people came together to help others in need. Everything obviously slowed down, generally people were respectful of social distancing, and exchanged greetings when passing. My husband started working from home, and realised continuing to do so would be feasible :slightly_smiling_face:


We made a lot of changes because of this virus and do like seeing family’s get closer and everyone in our home is working from home even though they can now go into office, It is health safety as my immunities and my daughters are compromised but it shows how much everyone cares.
Another thing that’s great for me is were making it easier for me to get outside in my wheelchair.
We now also “Facetime” or “Zoom Meetings” a lot but can’t wait to hug family and friends still.


For me the good thing was not waiting or expecting family to visit. I could relax and not imagine that they hadnt ignored me. We have had daily messaging with all.
The same with wanting my husband to take me out … no expectation,