So this happened to me last month

So this happened to me last month . I went to a car show at a crowded public park . About half way into the main entrance my scooter flipped over spilling me out on to the ground . Within 2 minutes I was surrounded by police , I tried to tell them I was ok and just needed a hand getting up and back on my scooter,. But my voice is so messed up its hard to understand me . Well , they took ALL my belongings ands my scooter and held me down on the ground for over an hour . I was told not to move until I produced some ID . They took my wallet and keys , so that was out of the question . More than several bystanders offered to help me up but were threatened with arrest and sent away . Al in all I was held on the ground for over an hour because no one would take the time to listen to me telling them I have a medical Condition .

Until a state police officer stopped by and ordered them to help me up. Bottom line is you are going to be held as a common criminal or drug addict if you should ever need help in public ,.

This is a very real fear of mine.
Absolutely disgusting!
I’m so sorry

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This is a disgrace! to say the least. They should be ashamed.
Do you have a Medic Alert bracelet or a necklace? These may help in the event it should happen again or something else.
May this never happen to you again. All the best.

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Yeah a medic alert bracelet or one of those cards that says you have Ataxia and what Ataxia is.

I know it’s expensive but U might try to get atty to review your rights since they roughed U up.

I have no idea where you are located but another idea for awareness might be putting public announcements on radio stations AND going with an attorney to police station or academy to incorporate officer training. I’m saddened to hear of such treatment. JD