First of all. I don’t mean to step on any toes. For me, I have a lot of trouble believing in a God that allows bad things to happen to people that have a terrible effect on their lives. I feel that we were put here on Earth to make the best of our lives so we could enjoy the rewards of our deeds. I know that my Ataxia has prevented me from my plans of life. I’m sure that some of you will have different feelings. What are they?


When I was 25 I had back surgery. The recovery was hard, and very painful, and I had quite a bit of nerve damage. It definitely put my career goals in a different direction. I was really struggling with these questions. I happened to find a book that really helped frame things better for me. It’s called When bad things happen to good people and is by Harold S. Kushner. It was particularly relevant to me, as a Jewish person. If you are of a different faith, you may want to speak with a member of the clergy of your faith, and ask for book recommendations, or ask to speak to the clergy member about your concerns.


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:slightly_smiling_face: Everyone is entitled to their own beliefs, and I respect that. But, people should not assume that everyone seeks, or indeed needs religion. Personally, I find it offensive when anyone mentions having ‘faith’ will make me feel better, whether it relates to the challenges of ataxia or not.


I certainly have been detoured byAtaxia but have found its not all bad. Since I know that I won’t live forever, there are many detours I wouldn’t want and have adapted to this one pretty well. I don’t have pain (except when I fall) and have really embraced the idea of living life to it’s fullest NOW and not later. Would not have done this if it weren’t for Ataxia.


I think the original question wasn’t assuming that everyone should have faith. Rather it’s asking about how people who are questioning their faith are able to manage this.

This can be a really tough topic.

no, chad251. spot on…I respect other religions, establishment, going to xtenings,…weddings grateful and humble to be invited. there is a neighbor of our, for 4 years he was getting seriously OUT OF CONTROL. bordering on criminality. As he is aware he suffers from some mental issues, TAKES MEDS…TOOK LONG ENOUGH, he is sticking up 2 fingers to a housing association., police, as he is AWARE he is UNTOUCHABLE.the police was told NOT TO DEAL WITH people like him as it is a disease…Basically there is NOT a god on this planet, to save US. Never personally harmed him, welcoming with smile and bottle in the neighbourhood….nd the torture he put us through. I was more affected, than my hubby, as younger, disabled seriously fearful at on point…locking doors 2 locks, almost getting paranoid, saw things that were NOT happening, andNOBODY ever said to us what are we dealing with here…as people like him are HIGHLY PROTECTED INTHIS SOCIETY. We don’t take fun, are generally genuinely NICE PEOPLE, NO HARM in thoughts, never mind action…the correct medication AND HE IS SORTED. hurray, sthg worked.But compare this bad behavior and possible results, my hubby in hospital with iffy staff, on chemo, 7 courses of 14 days off for a week of between.Long term stress or WHAT, a bloke 3x in a gym per week…great food, slightly obese, but diet on and responding well…7 years and couldn’t shift a kg,pound CANNOT PROVE THE LINK, the case dismissed…

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Thanks Seenie. I completely understand some folks opinions but I thought this topic was worth exploring.

Oh, I’m not saying it isn’t worth exploring, but I’m just saying that we have to be kind and careful. Thanks for your participation!


Although I am not Jewish, I loved this book.