Locked in

Hi all,

Since my long term relationship broke up last September I've been feeling more and more isolated and lonley. When you think you have found someone that understands and supports you mentally and physically for us ataxians it is even more devastating when things turn sour. I read that for ataxians it can almost be like a grieving process because of the fear of being alone is a lot more profound.

I don't feel I have the confidence to go out very much on my own as I'm now as I'm struggling to now to walk very far at all. I don't know if this sounds daft but I feel locked in my own world as I feel that the only person apart from you guys that knows what I'm going through is me. So I end up feeling locked in a vicous cycle.

I hope this makes some kind of sense.

Hi Martin,

I have lost many friends since becoming ill. It's so hard. I'm sorry you feel so isolated!

Have you connected with a local church or community center? Sometimes they do outreach for the ill. Maybe new friendships would be an encouragement for you?

I don't know if that helps. I hope you find the connections you need soon!

hi Martin,

People that truly care for you will always be there I have lost a lot of friendship since find out that i have ataxia but I know I can still count on the ones who were there from the beginning they may not understand what i'm going through but they are still there for me when i need them. so i know they are my true friends.