Get over Fear and Live your Life

As someone who is dealing with Ataxia I, like many others, have things to say.
You see, our hurt will never go away! It is hard to accept that it is here to stay!
Our minds are so full of questions, but the heart reminds us that at least we are still living.
You see, our thoughts are about what will this do to our families? This will put the
burden on them as time goes on. Can people understand h Ataxia Burdens and Woe’s
ow much fear we feel inside
for that one reason. This is like dumping all of our life onto them to deal with. My heart
hurts to know I will be the burden in their lives. Is it fair that we have this burden on our
minds to deal with? There are never any words from someone to take that fear away.
So many times I have been told to keep my mind thinking positive. And you know what?
People are right! I have decided that God has reasons for everything in life and he loves me
no matter what. This love is what I also have with my family and I know they will be there
for me always. Not only do I have Ataxia but look at many with the other diseases they
deal with. The bottom line is we are still alive to enjoy Gods earth and let us not weep
over things that will never change. Nothing more to say about the different situations
many deal with. Get positive and live for today! I love my life!! Remember everyone, God will always be with us.
He has had to deal with a lot more than us. Get on with life and live to the best you are able.

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Thank you for your poem and inspirational words. Most of the time we are just looking for acknowledgement not a pity party.

When we wake up each day, I believe that means God has a plan for us. I don’t know what that plan is, but I know he loves all of us no matter what. I think God for his many blessings each day. That’s what keeps me going. I also have a husband who cares in spite Of the heavy burden this is on him. Thank U father God.