Standing Frames

I saw on tv paraplegics using standing frames I was wondering if this would help at all wth ataxia. They are really expensive so I wonder if insurance would cover it also? I'll have to ask my doc when I see him just wondering what you all thought in the mean time?

You could get a free home demo and try one. If you have a bad tremor or muscle spasms it maybe difficult for you to remain stood as you tend to be tightly strapped in. It would need to be a very sturdy one that you wouldn't be able to tip easily.

How would you get in and out of one?

I can easily stand to get in.. im not really sure if it would help in anyway or not.. what is the point to straighten your legs?

If you can ‘easily stand’ why do you need one?

Standing frame are usually for people with no ability to stand to prevent muscle wasting in legs and loss of bone density etc. mostly used for people who are paralysed.

Have you got a rollator with flip up seat? Try standing in the middle of one with the seat flipped up and holding onto the handles. Stand up/siit down exercises are good for the legs and if you can still take steps to walk a few steps whilst holding onto rollator it would be better.

I find it harder to keep my balance when trying to walk. I Find it easier to sit on rollator seat and push myself backwards with legs to move from room to room, once there I can stand to transfer. I’m still using my legs though, pushing myself backwards on grass in garden offers good resistance for legs.