U-step (new instalment)

Do not get this. I’m trying to send mine back. The salesman who came to mend it (after just two trips) admitted it was not really suitable for ataxia. It is far too narrow and doesn’t help with balance at all. In my opinion it is badly advertised as being good for ataxia. After two more trials (one being when it nearly fell over with me rather than helping me to balance), it needs mending again.

:hushed: I hope you weren’t hurt…
There is unfortunately a lot of trial and error with aids. For instance, my lightweight rollator was perfectly suitable a few years ago, but I definitely would be safer with a heavier model these days. It’s so annoying not being able to try everything before you buy, often it’s necessary to buy online and then see for yourself if something is suitable…

At 23 inches wide, the U-Step also enables walking through narrow doorways.
Copied from www.ustep.com

Yes, it’s good for narrow doors but the door frame is just as good!

I put 20lb (9 Kilograms) weights on my rollator when I’m inside so as not to topple over when going around the corner.

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How did you do that?

On each side naturally.

:slightly_smiling_face: That could be the solution for me…I just need something to ‘ground’ mine…

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At my height 6’3’ (190.5 cm) I need stability to get around but with the weights off when I go outside it is scary!

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I have the same rollator one inside the house and one in the car to go to doctor’s appointment etc. I have not put any weights yet. The brakes work pretty good so far. Nice to know.

I found this rollator to be excellent especially for a tall person! I should have bought the same one except with the foot pedals. Maybe I should get one for the car too. Instead I bought this one Rollator for the car but the handles are shorter.

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Henry, please would you send either a website or a name (to look up) for the one you call excellent. It sounds excellent for all ataxians not just tall ones.


Thanks. I’ll have a look at it.

Rollators are curious beasts and what may suit one may not suit another.

The first thing that I look for is one that you can walk inside (between the handlebars) so you can retain erect posture rather than having to lean forward -I need balance, not support-. The second thing I look for is large wheels for stability.

The best I have been able to find so far is the Trionic Canada Walkers & Walking Frames | High-quality Rollators and mobility aids.. I have the largest models, both the veloped for walking trails and the standard rollator for around the house and in the car for use around town and in stores.

The only drawback is that they are relatively expensive (about 4x the price of most rollators) but for me well worth the money.

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:slightly_smiling_face: A while ago I contacted Trionic in Sweden, they said they had no distributors in the UK but could offer me generous terms and free shipping…
I’m still on the fence re a purchase :thinking: Considering the price, I really would like to try before I buy…

HI Beryl,

The Trionic Veloped takes a little getting used to while the rollerator does not. The build quality is better than anything I have seen and they have a 10 year warranty.

Both units because of their sturdy build are somewhat heavier than other rollaters.

It is a lot of money to put out without being able to try before you by and I had to buy on faith after comparing their specs. and other info. with numerous other brands.

I was previously using another premium Swedish rollater, the name escapes me, while good could not compare with the stability of the Trionic.

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Athlete (or anyone), if you are inside, don’t you kick the wheels? That is one of the issues I have with u-step.

PS, cows kick out too - maybe I’m a cow. My tummy certainly seems to be trying to ruminate sometimes :cow2: :slightly_smiling_face:

hello, I come a bit like a hair on the soup by interfering with your conversation. excuse me but I use a translator because my English is more than mediocre. I have a sca3 ataxia which is evolving, indeed I think that we must evolve with his disease and constantly adapt I work with a “lets go out” rollator which is very light for me at the moment. I’ve been using it for 3 years, maybe I have to change it. I am in France and I cannot get everything. there is one thing that interests me in the united states it is the “life glider” does anyone know this product?
thank you for giving me info.

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Hi Valdu12, I was able to get one a while ago since it had a money back policy I figured why not? I used it when my balance was better but was very difficult getting used to device. I would think that it is harder to use now. If I remember, it is expensive and twice the price compared to my rollator. Everyone is different so it might be one for you but like “athlete” said “It is a lot of money to put out without being able to try before you by and I had to buy on faith after comparing their specs. and other info. with numerous other brands”. I ended up returning the product.

thank you for this information this confirms my doubts that it is better to try the products before buying them, especially since the life glider is American and we have no equivalence in europe saulf of the toad chairs but we are not tied by the cut …
thanks again