Stem cells

many countries are applying Stem Cells treatments on Ataxia patients,

are you agree with them?

I was told that as though Stem Cell treatment sounds like a great idea and it will be in the far off future (about 10 years from now) that it's not good right now. For one they have to really inject the same cell as your body so you don't reject it. Two it's hard to find the exact place in the cerebrum that it will regenerate.

I too look forward to the day it comes about, but it isn't right now one Dr. said at the NAF Convention. Will you be going this March? It's in Las Vegas N. next year.

Check this link out and look on the right side of the first page

Thanks, yes I will like to go to the convention on Vegas. please send me more info on it

I was told that in the university of Minnesota, studies are being carried out on autologous stem cell transplantation for ataxia, but as yet I still have to read the complete articles they have published.

I think we have a least 10 more years to go (for research) as a right now many countries are just trying. (there is no evidence proven and documented of having totally success)