My doctor gave me Stemetil and said it is the best drug for dizziness. I have been taking it but only when I remember so not very regularly.I haven’t found that it makes any difference but that could be my fault.
Has anyone found that it has made a difference.?

Best wishes. Anna

Hi Anna :slight_smile:
I’ve never taken anything for dizziness, just gritted my teeth and tried to keep my head level :slight_smile:
But that’s not to say I’m against taking medication, like you I often forget :slight_smile:

Stemetil has a generic name some people might be more familiar with, Prochlorperazine mesilate.

Doctors usually advise taking medication for a prescribed time before any sign of improvement can be expected. The down side of this is, sometimes the symptom can appear worse before it gets better. But, you won’t know unless you take it regularly as prescribed :slight_smile:

As we all know, what doesn’t work for one person, can be a major step forward for another :-)xB

Thanks Beryl. Perhaps I should try taking it more regularly to give it a fair chance. The problem was that I never really believed that it would help.
Do you still drive Beryl?

Anna, I felt a bit like that about antidepressants. But, I was so low that I’d hit rock bottom and had to try something. If you really find that the dizziness is stopping you from coping, it might be useful to give the medication a fair chance. Think about it anyway :slight_smile:

Well, I still have a current driving license but haven’t actually driven for several months, in fact it could be a year! This time last year I found a breast lump. I had a lumpectomy, chemo and radiotherapy, finishing treatment around March this year. I’m just now beginning to feel anywhere like ‘ataxia normal’ :slight_smile: So fingers crossed, it might be possible to get out and about soon :slight_smile:

It really knocks your confidence if for whatever reason driving has to stop for a length of time.

But, I want to do it, so let’s hope determination carries the day :-)xB

You’ve really been through the mill.Glad to know that things are getting better for you.I know what you mean about ’ ataxia normal ’ and wish you all the best for getting out and about soon.
Did the antidepressants help?

Thank you Anna :slight_smile:

Yes, they have helped :slight_smile: At the same time I was firm with myself, and attended a women only self help group. It was talking therapy, first names only, led by an experienced counsellor and what was said in the group, stayed in the group. You didn’t have to bare your soul exactly, but talking certain things out put them into perspective.

I was the only one coping with a challenging condition, everyone one else had a different trauma they were coping with. But we quickly bonded and supported one another, it was a good decision for me. One to one therapy hadn’t helped me.

:slight_smile: xB