Student Loans Forgiven!

I applied for the student loan forgiveness a few months ago with a heavy heart. I had just started a doctoral program and was telling myself that IF I could finish, being a sociology professor would be a great, disability-friendly career for me.

I ran a few numbers and realized that even with a PhD I wouldn’t be making any more than I “make” right now on private and state disability. Man, did I feel stupid. I have an Associate’s degree, TWO Bachelor’s degrees, and a Master’s. I owed over $138,000. I felt like such an idiot.

I mean, I probably couldn’t have done it anyway, physically, but I was in pretend land.

I got the notification today that they approved my loan forgiveness. I am elated! I feel like I am finally free of this terrible educational train that I stupidly got myself on years ago! It’s like at the end of the Karate Kid when Daniel wins, they’re all high-fiving each other, and the triumphant music is going. I feel great and I’m so thankful.

If you have student loans and are on SSD, my advice is to go for this forgiveness program. It’s awful to have the debt just getting bigger and you only becoming more disabled. If you’re in the situation I was, free yourself! It’s wonderful!

Hi, Marjorie. Thanks for sharing. Sounds like you have a good head on your shoulders. No, you’re not stupid.