I wonder if anyone else has weakness on one side of their body? Mine seems to be on my left side. I also have trouble with directions now verbal or written, blurry vision some days, balance n coordination issues. What is interesting is that these symptoms are also associated with signs of a stroke.
I also have had blood pressure issues since SCA. Since SCA affects muscles n nerves n the heart is a hollow muscular organ and is also controlled at rest n during exercise by the nervous system maybe that is why I am having these symptoms. Also gaining weight like crazy. Anybody else dealing with this kind of thing?

Yes my left side seems worse. My left eye is in constant motion and will even close multiple times per day.i was wondering is others are effected mostly one one side.


Most of my problems are on my left side balance, control, movement. At times I freeze in place and have to mentally force myself to move. My voice is garbled most days as if I am drunk or had a stroke. My weight varies around 200 no matter what I eat or if I try to diet (I need to drop 10 more for my safety). I usually have to rest an hour or two during the day.

My left side of my body is where I am experiencing spasticity and weakness. I try eating smaller portions of food so I am not gaining weight but losing a little. I found it hard walking outside of the home, always afraid that I am going to fall.

Both sides affected by CA and low blood pressure.Not Multi System Atrophy though.

Also weight gain as make the transition from walker to wheelchair.

Seems like the majority of those that have responded are affected on the left side. That is interesting. I recently felt really weird but couldn’t figure it out, therapy people made me go hospital n the ER nurse looked alarmed. Come find out my blood pressure was over 200! Little scarey how this SCA affects things in weird ways.

I have a slight weakness on my left side, blood pressure and weight are stable, but I have good and bad days both in speach and balance. Standing up too quickly is a big problem, but it has taken two and a half years to get to this point from my first feeling of change in gait. Like quicksand, don't know where the bottom is yet.

I have had some of the symptoms you describe. I don't know the type of SCA I have, but these symptoms are familiar; balance and coordination, rise in blood pressure, gaining weight., Also, I have some slurring of speech, a stiff neck, a sore back area, (probably from the struggle to hold myself up properly) . My writing is becoming affected (more concentration is needed). Eye movements are slow to catch up with the turn of the head.. Coughing and choking are a major problem . I use a cane and a rolling walker I developed perhipheral neuropathy before the ataxia was diagnosed. I don't know about the heart and its connection to the nervous system, that makes me nervous.

The hardest thing to accommodate to, however, is the lurching and staggering, the drunken feeling, which affects everything I try to do. it is a horrible feeling and has totally affected my life and what I can and cannot do. I go from angry to acceptance and back to angry again every day.

I was only recently diagnosed with Ataxia (age 71) but suspect that I have a mild form of it all of my life.n I found the comments about the left side interesting. I have always felt that my left side was weaker than my right. Left eye has stronger lens, totally deaf in left ear, problems with left ankle etc. The interesting thing about this is when it first stated school I wrote with my left hand but then changed myself to the right.

It is so strange to me that when sitting things are not quiet so bad but standing n walking here comes balance issues n other weird symptoms. I don’t know what has been going on last week but even sitting vision crazy n just feel really strange. This is such an unpredictable disease. Just get up each day n see how it goes.

  1. this one reason or many of reasons I could not keep working at a job I loved some days my vision were so bad I could not see phone numbers and my right side is the one weak balance and coordination are all day to day

Hi .......... I have all that you have mentioned left side of my body weaker - blurry vision - balance - knees give out - I am felling shaky more now too. - speech is slurred and mispronounced at times - B.P. was high but is well controlled now -

I have blaphrospasm the last four yrs. causes eyes to blink and close. -

I find it interesting and consoling that others have these symptoms , I begin to wonder to wonder if any of it makes sense or even goes together , because I have had a stroke it is assumed that the L. side weakeness is due to that .

After reading your message I am really interested in the causes.

Thank You for your input .


They thought stroke at first for me because i just colapsed and had difficulty with speech n left side but they say MRI,s don’t show stroke damage. Then they said its not mini strokes because I have not recovered from it. It is what it is but at least we know we are not alone. No one else even doctors don’t seem to understand this but we all know something is wrong for sure.

i have mitochondrial disease causing ATAXIA,i can relate to all the the symptoms above the poor co-ordination poor

eyesight ,balance problems,problems walking ect.

My neuro does not have a clue ,i have had blood tests sent away to the mitochondrial labs but they all came back normal,i have

had every test in the book but still no outcome.My neuro has written to a professor chinnery in NEWCASTLE to see if he will

see me,as i live in central scotland you can imagine it wont be easy to get there.I was wondering if any body else can give me

any information about professor chiinnery .and also if NEWCASTLE railway station is user friendly .

I don’t know I wish I did!!