Weakness on one side?

I'm recently diagnosed and my problems are currently affecting my left arm and leg. I'm wondering if anyone else had issues only on one side of their body? If so, did it eventually progress to the other side? Thanks for the help

This happened to me .around ten years ago I started playing football with my neice and realised I couldn’t kick the ball properly. Then I was running funny. My left side was feeling less strong and balance not so good. It progressed over five years. I was advised to stop drinking as this may be the cause of my ataxia.

My right leg and foot are weaker but my left hand has less grip. Apparently it depends on how your body compensates for the ataxia [messages from cerebellum to front brain].

I find it hard to understand what is happening with my muscles!

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I remember seeing a post on here some time ago where the op asked where most people were affected-left or right side. Most seemed to have a weaker left side, myself included though I do, curiously, have a lack of deep tendon response in my right ankle according to my neuro....

Hi there,

I have Sensory Ataxia (started 7 yrs ago at the age of 77) - it affects my left leg worse.

Cheers for now, Doug, Bristol, England.

Right now my Ataxia affects my right leg. It hasn't gone into the other limbs of my body but my neurologist says it could. Hopefully he's wrong.

Somewhat weaker on left side. Both feet totally numb up to ankles. Anyone know about that please?

My issues are with the left side. I was a police officer for 37 years and began to notice I could not run after folks. I attributed it to an ankle holster and the gun in it. I gave up running after them in the interest of safety of a second firearm. I was diagnosed in 2011. The left side is still the main issue with getting around. I also have issues with dexterity with the left hand. Tremors occur more often.

I was diagnosed last year after 3 years of real symptoms, I find my right side is the weakest and my right leg is usually the first to fail when an attack starts, although sometimes my right arm will go on its own.

My left side does become weak during an attack but never as bad as the right.

Hi - I have left-side weakness/not complete paralysis, but it’s due to a different issue/brain-bleed that I had.

Dear Runner, Although I have ataxia symptoms involving both sides of my body, the left side is a bit more effected than the right. ;o)

I have had problems with my right side. Mostly pain, numbness, and tingling. It has never progressed to my left side and since my ataxia is vestibular my doctors keep thinking it is a different issue but have no explanations. I think it’s related to ataxia. I take gabapentin and now I don’t really notice unless it is very bad. My right hand also gets more tremors too. Still no explanation but after a year it hasn’t progressed to anywhere else so we just treat the symptoms.

Unfortunately my whole body has become weak but it’s always been worse on the left side. Getting out of a car or kneeing and standing up is always so hard.

I am interested to know how your diagnosis of EA2 was made and when did you first started having any symptoms. I was diagnosed to have SCA-6 about 5 years ago. My symptoms started when was about 50 yrs old. Now I am 66