That passing-out feeling

I am not sure if any of you have felt this, but I have felt this fainting feeling twice while working out nowadays and I am looking for your advice.

In the first instance, I was pushing myself hard while working out and I was not high-energy due to hunger or whatever, so I thought it was due to low blood-glucose. Basically, my whole field of vision narrowed to a small circle and I felt I was going to pass out.
Sitting down gave me relief.

I felt it again twice today even when I was not really pushing myself. I was not hungry and had a cappucino before my work-out and managed to stop and rest the moment I had the dizziness/faint feeling. Do you guys think this is due to low blood-sugar and nutrition problems or could be a different thing like blood-pressure? What symptoms and signs should I look for?


Hi - I dont know the medical answer to this but... I know that fatigue is a symptom of ataxia and when I am fatigued but push myself to go on, I often feel like you describe.

I do feel better after a sleep but sometimes I need to listen to my hypnotherapy relaxation CD to get me to sleep.

Hope this helps.

Take care, Patsy/CA/69/Ipswich UK

Maybe check out your meds with your doctor to see if one is working against another. This did happen to me once doctor changed one of my medications. I had passed out with no warning signes what so ever once I had taken new meds on 2nd day. Fell straight back without warning landing on my head first. Hope you get your situation figured out soon. Know how scarey it can be to think at any time you could crack your head open or break something. Good Luck and take care!!!!

I think it is due to lack of carbs in my diet (which get converted to glucose for energy bursts).

You're right Patsy, us Ataxians need to watch for fatigue.

Vickie, I don't take any meds, only supplements so far.

Thank you for your input folks. I'll try working out after a snack or coconut water next time. Take care.

Not much fun being sensible 24/7 but......................

I find I always fall over if my head moves too fast. I don't feel faint I just go over because I don't think my eyes co ordinate quickly enough.This usually happens if I have been silly and stretched myself beyond my capabilities. I usually have to crawl to the nearest thing to help me up as i havent the strength in my legs anymore. I often feel very silly.I need a crane for styles as i cannot do them without a great performance and a lot of heaving.