Thought i'd ask whose having a Me day or as I call it a mini vacation day to recoup themselves?

Add me to the Mini vacation day List!!

My reason is a migraine yesterday- it's left me with very jerky uncontrollable arm and hand movements today. I look like i'm having my own little rap video in my world minus the music hehe, All I need is the hat and to start saying yo man and the image fits, I have the baggy clothes just not the hat

So what's your mini vacation day or ME day and why Big hugsssss to anyone who wants them thought i'd get some chuckles out here on the forum!

Yep. I call them "jarmie days". If it's a "bad" one, I stay in jarmies all day, otherwise it's till I feel I can cope with the world. Or perhaps it's till the world can cope with me...:/

I take them whenever I need them, and tomorrow is looking good at this stage after a hectic weekend. Today I have been extra wobbly and even though I wear glasses, I still have visual problems.

Love your attitude...:D

A me day is watching a line up of my favourite movies, eat my favourite foods and just lay about all day.

I have those once in a while, when needed. They are pajama days where I laze around doing only things that I enjoy and don't cause me stress. Those types of days are important to everyone and anyone. A day to recharge.

Oh yes, I know all about these sort of days :slight_smile:

Where you just relax and zone out, bliss:-)

A comfortable sofa, a warm throw, something mindless on the TV
or a trashy book, some chocolate… :slight_smile: xB

Niceeeee haha thanks I thought id just have a chuckle =0) yeh jammie days rock! I dont get to lay on sofa due to summer hols being here with the kids being home more, I tend to listen to music or read a book if I have one usually just potter on balcony or watch a few movies