Up or down

@cross_eyes Is that the same place they talk about in the movie “Braveheart”. They’ve sacked York?

Probably - though not familiar with the film. York is far older than that though - a growing settlement since 7000 BC

Definitely up. Down the stairs or a grade is more problematic.

I had similar problems going down those stone castles in Ireland!

I try to ignore onlookers although that is far from easy; my gait and everything gets worse if I feel someone is looking!

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One thing that helped me to go down the stairs holding the banister: when you step your right foot down, really flex your left knee to lower yourself down.
Flexing knees occur normally to people; but our cerebellum is faulty!


:slightly_smiling_face: I agree…flexing is important.
It’s all too easy to walk stiff legged…but it becomes a habit and really doesn’t help longterm

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For a couple months now I’ve been experiencing new problems. Because of this Ataxia, over the many years my gait has changed. But now I’m starting to get pain in my right knee and right hip as I walk. I’m pretty sure it’s arthritis. If I keep my right side up the effect is not so great but I must be aware of my mobility. I look upwards and I say “give me a break.”

Oh boy! It never stops. Yes because of our improper gait, our joints are unnecessarily taxed! Try glucosamine.

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:slightly_smiling_face: if you recall…I had a lot of pain a while ago that I thought was Sciatica

I started taking CBD Oil sublingually…and it gave me relief. Most OTC oils are low in CBD…it needs to be a high content…and I searched online