I am curious about disability? I am having more and more trouble with my everyday functions.
What is the process ? And how much can a person recieve and if it is even an option for me and my family!

Hi🙂 Look at your profile picture above (where you log on/off).
To the left of this you’ll see a magnifying glass (indicating search).
Put in 'applying for disability" and links are shown🙂xB

go for social security disability. have any problems ill help you out with it. ive been through it

Thank you Bobby. How long did it takeout ?

When applying for disability make sure to stop all drugs you can safely so that when you see their docs you are not in such good shape you could be denied. My old father in law did this and they had to come to the house to check him out because he could not make it to Boston to be checked. Let them see you at your worst. Jerry

If you go to the Social Security Administration’s website it will get you the info you need.

Make sure you have the medical documentation to back up your claim. There are certain conditions that SSA automatically approves. If you have been diagnosed with an ataxia it is a neurological condition and SSA approves that.

Once you have sent in your application make sure that you don’t collect any income (that includes unemployment).

Thank you kay, I have recently been diagnosed of sca and have a lot of disorder movement information and genetics test results. Will that be enough info to get automatically approved?

You should have no problem getting it first time. Make sure they have the documents showing sca. Also don’t hire an attorney. You don’t need it and they take all your back payments. You should show the first date you were disabled–probably back as much as a year. They will pay you back a year once approved.