Using a computer with Fine Motor Difficulties

For some of us chatting online is the only contact we get with other people with Ataxia and so therefore is an important thing we don’t want to lose because we cant type or control the mouse without great difficulty.

As most of our Ataxia’s are progressive and most of us will need some kind of adaption in future, if not now, I thought what about trying to find set ups that are particuarly effective for ataxians?

When I was looking for a solution that worked for me it took months, I didn’t know some places will let you try some systems for free trial to see if it works for you before you part with hundreds of pounds and when you look at trackballs and other alternative input options they often don’t say specifically what conditions they work best with.

As I mentioned in my blog ( it cost me a great deal to find a system that worked for me and since starting the ‘More than Words’ site I have found cheaper options which may also have worked for me on PC without changing my whole system, though I’m not sure for how long.

Is anyone else interested in finding programs that may help them with typing or controlling the cursor better?

Would it help if I did a discussion post or blog on my findings so far?

Yes, I personally would like to know what works for you - and others. I’m not real bad at this point, but it would be nice to learn from some that have already been down this road.

Hi Kati :slight_smile:
Currently I manage (with many corrections) using a stylus with my iPad.
I’ve also got a wifi keyboard which is mostly redundant :slight_smile:

Lately, poor concentration and hand/curser control has led to a lot of tutting
and correction :slight_smile:

Other people would probably relate to this, so why don’t you post your findings :slight_smile: xB

I have just read your blog and I am full of admiration for what you have achieved and would love to hear any other ideas you have found that help.

I also like your log.before stroke which led to ataxia,my speech is poor and only 2 fingers work. Before I was Manager of betting shop and did lot of keyboard work also speaking to customers was great thing.
I did have laptop,stolen,now I uses ipad which is ok for 2fingers,do find arm gets tired. I been asking so l
Ong if people know things we could use when communicating. Because we can only spell things out,I take my ipad if I go shops tom write words down.
I would like to help as much as I can.

Yes, I am

Yes without a doubt!

Although I use a laptop, I keyboard with my index fingers and am extremely slow. Any help/advice would be greatly appreciated! ;o)