Virus self haircut

Just gave myself an haircut using a clipper. It was more of an overall trim but it didn’t turn out too bad. Besides, who cares anyway since I’m not running out. The barber does a lot better but should be grown in when all is opened up again. What are you doing?

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I’m surprised you didn’t get any responses. I’m in Westchester, so we’re in the same boat. Hair salons and barbers aren’t opening up any time soon. I cut my own hair, but that’s not too uncommon for me. Here’s to hoping that our regions open up in the next few weeks!

Sharon from ModSupport

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I’m kinda surprised myself that there were no other replies. Folks need to be active here so as not to dwell so much on their situation. It’s important to their mental health. Folks, please wake up!

I remember this expression from some years back: We all didn’t come here on the same ship but we’re all in the same boat.

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I’ve been binging on Netflix and have been cooking with meal kits from food services. I have been settling into my new place buying a whole bunch of stuff online

Me too. I have Meals on Wheels delivering meals to me. I also have Netflix. You have to check out Schitts Creek. Not dirty but makes me laugh.

Here in New Zealand we have all been in total lock down apart from essential services for 4/5 weeks as part of a government plan and our borders have been closed and returning passport holders and overseas people have to go into strictly controlled hotels etc for 14 days. WE are now at level 2 of the 4 level plan so things are much better and as of last week hairdressers and shops have reopened with strict rules so haircuts are no longer a problem.This morning nation wide we have only 20 people nation wide with the virus and 1 patient still in hospital( we have had 1504 people with Corona virus of which 98% have recovered and a total of 22 deaths) and maybe our borders will gradually be reopened in 2/3 months? We live in a retirement village and have had home delivery for groceries and security non the gate to stop all outsiders so apart from miss seeing friends and family we have been lucky compared to USA WE feel very sad for USA and the terrible situation you and many other countries have still. Keep safe our thoughts are with you .

Have some fun go wild

WOW! What is there to say? I’ll give you an A for creativity

my husband cut mine with scissors included in his clippers set. Looks good, plenty of guidance on youtube. you just need to be brave, x

Phase 2 starts tomorrow for my area. That means my stylist is open. Getting an appointment is NOT going to be easy.

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so I have heard but wouldnt chance it myself x

YAY! I have a 345 haircut appointment TODAY.

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I’m super impressed. I’m hearing of appointments not being available until about 10 days from now. I’ll just wait. I cut my hair myself about a month ago. Congrats on scoring an appointment so fast. (I’m in Westchester, so we’re a few days ahead of you)

Sharon from ModSupport

:slightly_smiling_face: Here in the UK we’re still waiting for Hairdressers to open, personally I’d rather see a Dentist asap, but we’re told there isn’t enough PPE, and there may be a long wait. I wonder how Hairdressers will cope :thinking:

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It will work out. I’m going to my dentist today for cleaning and exam. You just have to be patient. Also got the results of my virus antibody blood test today and I was negative. Never had the virus or was exposed to it. Staying in and only going out when absolutely necessary plus washing your hands a lot is the way to go.

I live in the US. I have no idea if I’ve ever had the virus. I’m only going grocery shopping every two weeks. As far as I know, my driver doesn’t have it. It’s not much different anyway since I’m home a lot. Had my hair done FINALLY last week. Can’t wait to go to the dentist for a professional cleaning!

I am starting to think of the delivery people as my personal friends. Seems like I see them a lot now.

I’m being forced to take better care of my house and yard, since there is no where else to go.

The local skateboard people in my area disappeared the “park closed” signs and the authorities seem to be looking the other way. There has been a wonderful sense of community and caring with those “old heads” and young people. All races, all social classes. It’s warmed my heart.

Long ago I read a management book that said during a crisis, people come together. I’ve been thinking of that lately.

me too Beryl … I have a missing filling on front tooth x

:see_no_evil: I’ve got problems with 2 teeth now Patsy, my dentist is back at work but still just taking emergencies. Unless pain starts, I suspect I’ll just have to wait :grimacing:

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yes mine the same… pain or swelling … I say mine but he has retired plus I have move to another county … probably best to go back to Essex as receptionist knows me x