Vitamin b balance

I have been taking large doses of thiamine and vit b co. strong tablets for my acquired ataxia. My neuro told me the other day that I could just use the thiamine and miss out on the small multi b vit. tabs.

I was under the impression that all the b vitamins need to be in balance with each other as their efficacy is mutually relient. If I only take the thiamine, will my other b vits then become out of balance and will this then compromise the thiamine itself.

I am currently taking 2x 100mg thiamine and 1 vit b co. strong tablet per day and my neuro suggests I could drop down to just 100mg thiamine. It is believed my ataxia was caused by extreme thiamine deficiency.


I had thiamine deficiency in the form of Wernicke's Encephalopathy I was diagnosed by a Spectracell blood test. I did a lot of research on thiamine deficiency and was treated 20 months ago with thiamine IV which lasted for a week . With no new symptoms and the symptoms I had improved except my gait disorder and balance do to my cerebellar atrophy. What test did your doctor use to diagnose thiamine deficiency? Magnesium is a cofactor with

thiamine and thiamine will not function in the body if you have a magnesium deficiency also. There is a blood test to find magnesium deficiency it is called RBC magnesium. Please show these articles by PubMed a US government medical. Once you get thiamine deficiency it doesn't go away without treatment it gets worse to Beriberi to Wernicke's Encephalopathy to Korsakoff Syndrome.



When you have thiamine deficiency you are also deficient in other B vitamins so you are right in questioning weather to take B complex also. I was deficient along with thiamine niacin biotin L-serine.

Thanks Steve, a little more research needed, I think.

Thiamine does seem to help control my balance and walking problems (a little!).


May I ask how old are you and how many years you had symptoms? What are the symptoms you have?

Please look at last website listed above treatment and expectations sections.

Hi Steve,

I don't want to go into too many details on the web, but I'm 50yrs old and collapsed on xmas eve, spent 4 days in icu (3 on a ventilator) and couldn't walk when transferred to the neuro ward. Usual gait, balance, fatigue, vision problems. I don't have beriberi though they suspected W.E. but told it's unlikely....

Steve said:


May I ask how old are you and how many years you had symptoms? What are the symptoms you have?

Please look at last website listed above treatment and expectations sections.


I had the same symptoms thiamine is needed by the brain to breakdown glucose for energy in the cells if you donot get enough thiamine in the brain it causes inflammation and lesions cell death. It also causes fatigue. I had double vision in my left eye one of the symptoms of W.E. I am 72 and I had a stiff muscles back pain a symptom of magnesium deficiency so

when I started taking magnesium my stiff muscles went away. My thiamine deficiency worsened to W.E. because I did not

treat it until I was 71 when I found out I had W.E I went to many neurologist over 16 years with no diagnostic, I finally went to a MD doctor who specializes in nutrition she found my problem on the first visit she knew what blood test to run. The only symptom I have now is gait balance disorder due to my cerebellar atrophy.

I asked neurologist about this [I am in UK] and this was his response:

I don’t think we have checked you out for thiamine deficiency. It tends to present acutely (abruptly) with a condition called Wernicke’s encephalopathy.

The standard test is called red blood cell transketolase, so this may be another version of the same test.

I’ll check its availability, and how much it costs!

Hi Patsy, they seem to have ruled out w.e. as a diagnosis, along with b1 deficiency, drug abuse and encephalitis. Whatever I had, I am now left with "significant" ataxia. Life goes on though!! :O)

I knew vitamin b1 was important. My body yrs ago didn’t have any of it in my system. I was taking it and eating healthy. So I quit taking it. Now I realize how important it really is. The last year my ataxia to me has gotten worse. Even though the Drs say there’s been little change in my MRI… So please take your b1. I know I went back on mine 3 days ago. And will stay on it.