Does anybody have any experience with thiamine supplements?

I just found this article. Could thiamine help us?


I Googled this and it said it might help with tingling and numbness in hands and feet. Even if it did nothing else it would be worth trying. Don’t you think so? X

I don’t think it would hurt to take a supplement. However, it says here better consult with your doctor first. It is possible to have your blood levels checked. However, I recently started taking a supplement and I seem to be doing a bit better! Less tired…

:slightly_smiling_face: There is a type of ataxia associated with vitamin B12 deficiency, a symptom is tingling in hands and feet. But, since one of the common ataxia symptoms is ‘tingling’, this could only be confirmed by a blood test. Pretty much the same as with Vitamin E deficiency, and CoQ10 deficiency. I’ve always assumed, rightly or wrongly, that one of the basic tests a Neurologist would do, is to rule out any deficiency :thinking: xB

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I take so many supplements I should rattle :sweat_smile: but there may come a time when I can no longer afford them. I have just stopped PA in the gym at £33 an hour once a week. Anything is worth a try if you can afford it.
A lot of supplements should be taken in mega doses but I could not justify spending so much money. Maybe the relatively small amounts I take are a waste of money but I soldier on in blind faith.

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Thank you, All! I was only tested for Vitamin E deficiency, which was negative. I am familiar with hyperhomoistinemie, which already required me taking vitamin B6 and B11. Wondering whether this might be a cause for my Ataxia, as I did not take these vitamins for a long time. I now take daily as much supplements as possible, that are supposedly good for the brain & nerve functioning: Vit B1, B3, B6, B11, B12, D, E, Ginkgo and Q10. Anything else you would recommend? I only take the low doses, because I believe that’s enough to get your blood levels up to “ample”. Patsy, I am not rich, but I’d rather cut down on food or other things than cutting down on my Vitamins! I only go to PT like once a months and she gives me exercises to do at home and keeps checking on me. Just don’t cancel your PT all together :slight_smile:

I meant hyperhomocysteïnemia…

Have you heard ofLDN( natrexone?). It seems to be mainly used for addiction but has also been used for Parkinson’s and MS. I can find no reference to it re. Ataxia