Walk The Line Challenge - lets get fun(d) raising!

Hi folks
How about us doing something crazy and quirky to raise funds for NAF and AUK?

We could do it a bit like the Ice Bucket Challenge but make it more creative and funny. Any line would count- washing line (maybe with a message on) or walk on it on the ground - can you (or more importantly the donors) walk along it, can they hop skip or jump over it, do it with a ladder (great for firemen supporters) teddy bears on a washing line, a line or two of poetry,line drawings for sale, the longest line in the sand challeng for the Guiness book of Records, a line zipwire challenge, a line with parrots or pets doing silly things, teams doing a walk tied together, walking along a hose pipe, pole dancing silly style, line dancing, all videod and funds raised from taking part. The aim would be to fund raise, but also be a celebration of peoples’ imagination and interpretation of Walking The Line.
Could we have music like Glenn Campbells Walk the Line to accompany their videos or someone here create a bit of wacky music that could be downloaded from here?

We have wibbly wobbly walks already, and they could be promoted; lets get folk to get an idea of ataxia by getting them to ‘walk the line’ in some way. I bet we could get some kind hearted cops to do a spoof sobriety test to music; really its only limited by peoples imagination…

What do you think?
Lets get a list of wacky weird silly fun daft crazy amd great ideas together amd see what we can come up with.