Not ready for a walker yet, cane? I feel like I'm stuck in the middle

Decided to bite the bullet and get a walker (I have friedreichs ) used it a few times and although it’s good I feel like it’s a bit more of a pain and I’m not actually as comfortable as I thought I’d be. When I do have it I use it briefly then park it and walk. I had bought a cheap little cane a couple years ago and didn’t care for it but I was wondering about those large base canes. Anyone have any luck with those? I know I need something but I just don’t think it’s the walker quite yet. Help!

I have used a cane for some time but have now purchased a walker also, a rollator to be exact. I feel so much safer using it. I know that if I was to get too close to someone in a store and they bumped into me, they would knock me to the floor. I don’t feel the cane could really catch me if I suddenly lost my balance. The walker also gets their attention so that they don’t get too close to me, and it has the seat that I can actually sit down on if I find myself in need of rest. I can also put a few things in the basket underneath the seat or on the seat so that I am not walking with a cane in one hand and something else in the other. I just decided to say “Safety First”.

My 'walker' goes everywhere with me..wish I didn''t have to! But least I'm mobile..

Take care ..Ozzy

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My neurologist said I couldn't use a cane because with my balance, me and the cane would both wind up on the ground. I have been using a walker for along time now. At first it was short term but as my Ataxia ( cerebellum ataxia) worsened I have to use the walker all the time, even moving in the kitchen. It is hard at times cause my brain doesn't tell my legs to pick my feet up. I have to concentrate at times.

To be completely honest I would forget the cane if you are having a balance problem what so ever. How do you know which hand to have it in? It never failed for me to try one hand and sure enough I would go the opposite way of where my cane was. It is hard to adjust to using my rollator walker but now for safety reasons I use it


HI, guys I also have FA and I just want to say that I ordered this pink fold up powerchair that folds into the car boot with ease.
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