Well I finally did what the doctor said and I have a new rollator today. I didn't want to get one. Felt like I was giving up but now I have it I like it. Been using it in home today and it is helpful. Seems to make me feel more secure and stable. J C 's videos have encouraged me to do so and I finally did it. Tired of falling down n getting hurt.

Sounds like a definite improvement then. Good for you, PG!

Hi, I too have a rollator. It’s the Active Rollator made in Finland. It’s very smart looking with big wheels and looks like I am pushing something for fitness not a clunky depressing clinical ugly thing. Really gives a positive boost which we all need! Keep practicing walking around the house and now that the weather seems to be changing for the better, maybe you will get out and stretch your legs!! Keep moving!!!


I was just like you I resisted a rollator for a long time but when my balance got real bad I had to get a rollator. I realized after using one why did I wait for so long.

When I would go shopping, I would park near the cart corrals so I could use the shopping cart to get into the store and not just my cane. Figured it was time, and am so glad I got one. We had a very snowy winter in Chicago and without my rollator I would never have gone out. It is my new normal - I am thankful for it. 50 years ago, it was a wheelchair or nothing! Very grateful for the alternative :-)

I use one too, I walk much better with it and it helps so much and I know I would be in worse shape if I was just only using the cane.

I was just same, reluctant to give in to the need for rollator but it has given me such a lot of confidence, I am delighted with it. I had no idea just how useful it would prove to be.

258-P080813_11.18.jpg (288 KB)

I would't be without mine. I used it for walking outside now use it all the time.Keeps you walking as it is balance which is poor or gone in my case.

Good for you, PG! Smart move.
Stay safe.

I just went from a three wheeler to a four for outdoors. Still us the trike indoors. They are great stress relievers. My dolomite jazz is lightweight and I can still load it up and drive myself anywhere with confidence. Good for you! Best to stay safe.

I have this one

It's sporty and light!!!!

Dear Suzi, If possible, can you please post a site for your Active Rollator from Finland? Also, thanks for your site, Allie! I'm in the process of looking, as I really want to get something I can use for walking outside...,, ;o)

Hi Rose. I just checked and it’s actually from Norway. Here is the website:
Like you, I did loads of research to find something with great reviews that would fit with my lifestyle. You can find it at Walmart online and amazon as well as the websites listed. Good luck, keep moving!

Dear Suzi, Thanks so much for the site! I've also looked at the trionic veloped, but it's SOOO pricey! I'd like to get a trike too, so I'd like to watch what I spend! ;o)

Hi Rose, you are right, VERY expensive!!! Can you find on amazon or eBay?

Dear Suzi, Great suggestion, but I looked, with no success! I really like your rollator, so I'm going to show my husband when he gets home from work! Thanks for your help..., ;o)

They r on Walmart online just saw them search “access rollator” n it will pull up.

This is the one I am ordering. It folds from side to side.

Cinders that one looks cool. Let us know how it works for u

Thanks for the site, Cynders! The one you're getting looks great too! Also PG, I appreciate the info! LOVE this LWA site, as we all help each other, which is priceless!!! ;o)