I am needing a wallet for use when in a wheelchair. I carry mine in my front pocket so I don't get a sore hip. but I have to stand to get it out or replace in my pocket and I have a hard time. I am looking for one that maybe I can carry around my neck so it is easy to get out a credit card or money. and not take a chance of leaving it on a counter. Jerry

Hi Jerry :slight_smile:

Guess what? I googled ‘men’s wallets to hang around the neck’ and would you believe it, lots of links came up! I couldn’t believe there as so much choice :slight_smile: Have fun choosing :slight_smile: xB

I guess it is all in the wording. Thank you

I googled "waist wallets" and lots of those came up too. I'm tempted by some of those!

Thanks for the fun question! I always enjoy a bit of online shopping.


My dad used a fanny pack