Hi I had a fall last week sprained the foot. Can not walk with crutches, i did try, legs would not agree, so ended up borrowing a wheelchair from a friend as Hospital said i must not walk on foot for 3 weeks. I am getting very good at the bum shuffle lol. I have decided to look for a light weight wheelchair to keep for emergencies. Dad and Mom think its a good idea I have decided to look for a sports chair, modern cool looking as i am not one to sit at home, I love to shop go to movies eat out and do all the things young people do. As this chair will be my life line to the out side world i dont want to buy the wrong one. Any advise thanks Linda

I am also in the market for a wheelchair.There seem to be so many options but like you I don't want to make an expensive mistake.I furniture walk rather bum shuffle and haven't had a real fall yet only possibles and near falls.My friend who comes to our group has a manuall light one.

I would suggest you go try some lightweight chairs to make sure you can manage them. Also bear in mind what car you have. If its a saloon with boot lifting a folding one in is awkward even with wheels off to make it lighter you still have the length and width of the chair, its just thinner cos seat upholstery is folded.

A car with a full back door (like kangoo) where you could stand it up in the back folded would work.

If you have to go in saloon cars, a chair that folds like the Quickie revolution or Da Vinci Leggara Super compatta way be a good choice.. you take the wheels off the back folds onto the seat and the legs fold under so your left with a square the size of the seat ie 16 x 16 or 18 x 18 etc.

If you might want to add powered wheel hubs later or to manage in very hilly areas check that your chair will be compatible with the models... and of course it depends on your budget!

Hi Kati and Marie, I went to test drive wheelchairs Quickie was out of my price range South Africa make a chair similar to the Quickie. its called Rollability you take the wheels off it is lightweight and can sit on back seat of car or in boot. Dad is an Engineer he said it was put together well, it was the top end of our price range. I am going to shop around. They said they would get a physiotherapist to fit me to the chair. When i have made up my mind i will send you a picture.

Enjoy your weekend love Linda

Hi Kati

Thanks for the info.At the moment I have got a mobility car but that is due to go back this year.I keep the back seats down permanently.I find great difficulty having the strength to open the boot to get the rollator in.I am not very good at going backwards.I hang on to the car to get round. I will take all things into consideration when getting a wheelchair.

I didn't relaise you were in SA, is this Linda-anne? .. I think we also have another Linda in UK.. sorry.. lol!

I guess imported brands will be very expensive over there, I've no idea what SA's own brands are like so hope you find one to meet your needs.


@Marie: If your current car is due to go back and you think you might need a chair within the life of the next one (3yrs?). maybe go for a renault Kangoo or there's another model smaller but has the same style back door that fully lifts. but the boot is the full depth of the door. The advantage with this is if you do need a chair a folding one you can get cheaper, if you later need to add powered wheels, you don't need to remove them, you can fold chair in half with them still in place.

look for a car that doesn't have the large.. erm. 'lip' at bottom of boot to lift things over, that way you can tip chair folded so front wheels are in the boot then just lift the back up... I've seen it done but can't remember the name of the car.. I can try and find a picture of it if you think this would work for you?


Its a small mercedes benz and it hasn't got a lip but I don#t think I will be driving at all soon so may not bother.Lookde at the Kangoo.Lots of disb;led people seem to have them so they must be good

I think its just cos of the back door design can have either one that opens out like a traditional door or the one you lift up, as there's no lip and floor is level its easier to get chairs in with ramps or add lifts/winches and wheel straight into place to drive (removing drivers seat and a few back seats). The Citroen Berlingo is similar, dunno if its cheaper than kangoo or not though.

You can buy a Kangoo already adapted with hand controls, drive from wheelchair and the electric back door that could be opened and closed from driving seat. I looked at it years back but they wanted a £10,000 deposit and total cost was £24,000!! .. dunno if they are any cheaper now!