Well, taking down wall paper was a bad idea. I have found if I look up any further then I level, i become severely off balance and have poor speech. This happens when I get out of the shower.Looking down has the same effect on me .

I have the same thing happen to me whenever I look up, but it thankfully doesn't happen with a downward gaze.

I'm planning to give my bedroom a new coat of paint; I've already told my husband that he'll have to get the top part of the wall near the ceiling. I have to use an extender handle and not get right up to the wall,otherwise I get nauseated.

Susan ((((((hug))))))

I’ve just been looking in a bookcase and experience the same problem. Looking up, looking down and turning my head sideways to glance along a shelf brings on a horrible sensation.

In addition, I have BPPV (Benign Paroxysmal Posterior Vertigo). This started off by me feeling dizzy when turning over in bed. It’s caused by crystals being wrongly aligned in the ear canals.
Therapy can be given(The Epley Manouvre)and it’s known to effective. I’ve had this done many times myself, sometimes it takes several sessions before the crystals are realigned.

I get that dizzy spell also when I turn over in bed wow! That used to happen to my mom, they said she has meniers disease. years ago, an inner ear diseases. Maybe she was missed diagnosed and has ataxia. She had episodes of vertigo and balance issues for a long time, but her symptoms never got worse . Now at 75 i have noticed she bumps into things and she is almost deaf in one ear. She had the therapy done and said she didnt have an attack for years.Her last attack of vertigo is when she was in a car accident 3 years ago.

I have the same problem, as far as looking up, I've dealt with this for about two years it hasn't really gotten worse, it's just a matter of trying to deal with it.

I see a Neurophysio for therapy/exercises for these vestibular symptoms. She advises against holding the head erect which is something I’m inclined to do to avoid symptoms:-(

Instead, she wants me to challenge myself, do tasks that bring on symptoms in order for the body to learn to cope. Since I experience the symptoms, and she doesn’t, this is unappealing:-(

But, logic tells me to give it a go. Although I feel that as a matter of course, I am challenging this daily anyway!

These particular symptoms have been with me for a very long time, they still catch me unawares:-)