Hotel floor designs and feeling like the floor is falling?

Does anyone ever feel like the floor is falling when walking down hotel hallways for instance with patterned carpet? I only ask because this started happening years before I had my first attack of ataxia, and was was wondering if there is any connection?

Hi :slight_smile:
This sort of thing disorientates me too.

It is associated with Ataxia. Patterned carpeting or tiling seems to play tricks on focus and spacial awareness, my balance is compromised immediately.

Tiling in shopping centers etc can be disconcerting when most of the floor appears to be plain
colored and then a band of colour is introduced. This can appear to represent a kerb, or change in floor level.

Steps always slow me down, even if I’ve managed to keep my head level, my brain doesn’t like the
idea of seemingly stepping out into space :slight_smile: xB

I’m the same. Patterned carpets, striped wallpaper etc. years before my diagnosis I experienced odd feelings especially being in high rise buildings.

Still can’t walk without looking at the floor and that is so exhausting. Steps, kerbs or even trying to step over something is a big no no for me.

The carpet doesn't bother me. The steps does. I don't get disoriented when I walk down the hall. I get disoriented when I turn my head if someone is talking.

I have that problem in shopping malls where I become disoriented. I never knew why but it could be the ataxia.

Hi- I used to feel this a lot. I've had ataxia for about 10 years. It's not so much now-maybe I compensated for it! Beryl's and Beverly's response is spot on...

Hi All

Def a problem for me , sometimes they (carpets, walls and even pictures displays )even move and sway depending on the pattern

Hi Dic, my name is Max and I was recently diagnosed with ataxia. How r you feeling since you've had it a while. I deal mostly with walking issues and having confidence to be around people.

Max! I had the issues in the beginning, but it gradually disappeared. My confidence increased and walking has improved, but I had to work very hard doing a lot of weight bearing, aerobic and strength training. There's a site i find really helpful: ATAXIA AND FITNESS. Every type of abilities and they're great about answering my dumb questions.

In the beginning the docs said (and you probably experienced this too) I wouldn't improve, Ha! They're learning...

Good luck! Ataxia s***ks!

HI, This is a problem for me! You are not alone...,;o) I also lose my balance if I turn my head to look at something. Cannot look up or down well, either. Stairs or curbs are troublesome also, as are uneven surfaces..., oh the joys of ataxia...,ha! ;o)

Hi Rose it’s Max letting u know that I look down when I walk too. Steps and curbs very troublesome and uneven surfaces such as sand or grass. But the colored carpet doesn’t bother me.

Hey Dic, I will try ur website for a workout. I find that im losing a lot of weight going to physical therapy. Most of my exercise is in water one day a week and on the table to strengthen my core one day a week. Supposedly it gives my legs strength.

Thank you everyone! It just occurred to me the other day, and I still do not have a proper diagnoses, and I’m trying to establish a timeline as to when things started getting weird.

Max- I lost a lot of weight with physical therapy-had to change my diet. More protein, starches (sweet potatoes, starchy vegetables). I did swimming too for years until I found the water around the pool too dangerous. Now I box, do weight training. I try to use my legs too. Keep going. The site is awesome!!

They put swirly carpet were I worked when I first wanted to admit I had a problem. It was awful. Can't look up, or look backwards, or turn around. I get dizzy. My first time I was aware I had a problem, I looked behind me to find my children and looked forward, I knew something was wrong by the way I felt.

Sorry Dlc I currently spelled your name incorrectly. I couldn't tell it was dlc instead of dic.

Before I found out what was going on me, I could not even look down at the black n white tile floor at church. It was terrible.

Max- no biggie!!


And if the background seems to be moving but you don't appear to be moving, like in a glass elevator or a carnival ride.

And places like Walmart or Sams Club.

Some of those larger stores are purposefully designed so that people will get lost in them, supposedly so you'll stay there longer and buy more. But for us the getting lost sensation makes the ataxia symptoms worse.

Hi Marjorie,
I never go to Walmart, I always thought it was something with their lighting…flickering lights made me feel queasy and disoriented. I just figured it was because I am light sensitive!