Wellness chiropractor?

What do you think about going to a wellness chripractor? Ive heard of other people with similar types of ataxia having great results. I found one semi close to me and am thinking about making the trip…thoughts?

My daughter had good results from a Chiropractor for neck pain after a car accident. I consulted one on my ‘journey to diagnosis’, hoping for help with dizziness and imbalance.

Part of the treatment involved holding my head and jerking it swiftly making the neck joints click, supposedly to release any trapped nerve. I only subjected myself to this on a few occasions.

In due course I started having falls ( I don’t relate this to Chiropractic Treatment) and had an MRI. This showed twisted blood vessels putting pressure on the cerebellum, and distorting it. I can’t help feeling that having my neck jerked didn’t help.

So, I’m wary now. Do plenty of research, find out exactly what the treatment involves, try and speak to other patients. This isn’t something I’ve seen discussed here but that’s not to say someone hasn’t consulted a Wellness Chiropractor :slightly_smiling_face:xB

Thank you for sharing your experience. I will take this into consideration

Can you tell me which sca you have? I have sca7

Apologies for delay​:slightly_smiling_face: Originally I was Idiopathic, then a link was found with a mutant gene, SYNE1. I thought that was definitely the cause but recently my Geneticist told me to keep an ‘open mind’ :thinking:

Being linked with SYNE1 meant the condition was Recessive, it was passed on by carriers. But it could only be ‘generated’ if BOTH parents carried the mutant gene.

However, my daughter has now reached the age when I first noticed ‘weird’ symptoms ( mid - late 30s) and she’s experiencing unexplainable symptoms. At that time I had feelings of disorientation, ‘foggy head’ and deja vous episodes shortly after getting up in the morning. My daughter has a buzzing sensation in her head, dizziness, lack of mental focus and can’t cope with noise. As it happens, I once left a restaurant in tears because of noise😳

So, at this stage should she be tested​:thinking: Her doctor thinks she should be referred to ENT, perhaps it’s something to do with her ears :thinking: