What can I expect as I age?

Suffer from severe Cerebellar Ataxia due to Tylenol toxicity.
What can I expect as I age?
Diagnosed at 43 years of age. I am now 49.

Hi Ladybug, I’m sorry to hear this. I guess you could expect the same as all of us. A slow progression of symptoms, that could possibly be delayed by exercising. Then again, your symptoms might not get worse if you’re no longer exposed to the poisonous substance. Actually, I’ve never heard of Tylenol causing ataxia. It is the same substance as Paracetamol isn’t it? What happened? Did you overdose or were you a chronic user? What was the dosage you used? Your story could warn others for sure, as Paracetamol is a very common pain medication, available over the counter…

I didn’t now Tylenol could cause CA. My CA was caused by Dilantin. No one is judging you but it would be very helpful to hear how often you took Tylenol and if you overdosed. Best wishes to you.

Yes it was an overdose.
Unfortunately it started with a dangerous reaction to Vyybrid ( antidepressant)

I’m sorry. Thanks. Best wishes. I hope the issues that led you to OD are being addressed…peace to you.

Thank you :hugs:
I’m doing VERY well now. Besides the challenges of CA I’m great !
Thank you

Progression does vary considerably… I have idiopathic cerebellar ataxia [unknown cause] which, on reflection has always affected the way I walk. However I didnt start falling over [tripping up nothing] until my late 50’s. I am 75 this year and have been using a rollator for last few years. I started using a stick when I was 60 to alert people to my problem but in my 70’s I needed something to balance me.
Neurologist recommends resistance muscle training so I go the gym for this. Hopefully, living a healthy lifestyle and exercising has kept progression to a minimum. I hope this reassures you in some way.
Dont forget to smile, stay safe and enjoy the atmosphere x
you may find this interesting [or google different types of gait] http://www.physiotherapy-treatment.com/trendelenburg-gait.html

Thank so much for the reply.
Best wishes :blush: