What makes your heart sing?

What are you doing to make it sing daily, weekly, yearly?

When I go to church.

I sing and dance...even if sometimes only in my head. Play with dog and grandchildren...try to help people through experience. Plan events, manage household, run The Fight Ataxia Project. Never get bored....

My wife, son Gary and Cassie. Seeing them all happy. Watching my team Rangers, my wee dog Buster. Listening to new music. Discovering a new book. When someone unexpectedly smiles at you

Anything artsy and/or anything that’s physically, mentally, or spiritually freeing.

Jesus is the ONE who has put a song in my heart..

Praying..reading HIS word...sustains me!!

My dear friends and sweet family..bless my life...

I don't know what tomorrow..holds...but I know who holds it..

No one NOTHING can separate me...from...the LOVE OF GOD !!!

My husband and my grandchildren.. plus of course their parents...


Being able to live my life with my wife, when we used to live in different hemispheres.

Also, writing and producing my own music.

Dear Jeannie. Currently, I'm doing aquatic therapy, and I LOVE it! So freeing being in the water! I also LOVE to take pleasure walks outside with my Access Active Rollator! ;o)

Lots of things make my heart sing.

Jesus, my children and grandchildren (specially my 20 months old Irish granddaughter calling me "Nanna" on skype the other night), music, nature, animals, the list goes on....:)

Little things like a hand holding mine to help me, the smile of a stranger, a kind word. Helping some of my friends who are sicker than me, and most of all the “big things” like the love of my dear husband and my sweet family. My grandson who says I love you…then, there is also rain on a hot day, a little squirrel peeping in my house through my patio door, birds chirping when I take a walk and answering me when I whistle back :slight_smile:

I could go on…

This was a lovely idea for a post. Thank you Jeannie!

This may sound funny or unreal, but knowing Jesus and His love for all mankind.

A hug from my husband

A thumbs up from my nephews

The sunshine pouring into my office during the morning hours

Roses after a rain with water droplets on the petals

Cotton candy pink sunsets

Actually I feel like I am in the twilight zone but trying to find what makes me sing so to speak. Right now my beliefs, children, grandsons and music.

Knowing that my God (Jesus) is in control of this disease

My husband, for his continually support, and family

Helping others in whatever capacity I still can

Sitting on my patio and enjoying the breeze

When I feel down, I listen to religious hymns on the internet

Thanks Jeannie for reminding us that there is still joy in our lives