Wish you were there! eyeforpharma Barcelona 2015

Wish you were there! eyeforpharma Barcelona 2015

There were 15 minutes left. There was only one thing left to do. Paul Simms, the mastermind behind eyeforpharma, had the difficult job of summarizing the past three days in Barcelona. Nearly 900 senior pharma leaders, patients and service partners had gathered for the pre-eminent, largest attended pharma conference of the year. We enjoyed awesome speakers, great conversations, seeds of ideas and new relationships. And beyond that, we are standing taller, feeling prouder.

Instead of trying to summarize it himself, Paul did a very smart thing. He passed the microphone. Not to the keynote speakers, or the sponsors or the pharma participants but to the five patient representatives who had occupied the front row for the entire conference. Nuria Zuniga, an articulate health advocate who lives with Lupus, summed it up beautifully.

She admitted that in her first tweets from the conference she did not want to mention that she was at a pharma conference. What would her loyal following of patients think of her? She worried they would accuse her of going to the dark side. By the end of the two days however, she said she was proudly tweeting about the conference, the pharma people in it and her collaboration with them!

And this is how it begins; collaboration for better outcomes, collaboration between patients and pharma professionals, collaboration within pharma companies and collaboration between pharma companies. Silos were lowered at this conference.

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