Writing my name

Does anybody have any suggestions? I’m finding it hard to sign my name or even just write.

The only thing I’m finding is help writing papers.

I have the same problem. For years they treated with Botox injections, thinking that it was “Dystonia”. Now my wife signs all the checks or I use the computer “bill pay”.

I avoid writing at all costs. Use the computer and do things online whenever possible is my suggestion.

I definitely find myself printing more and more as time goes by.

I rarely write (too shakey) , but when I have to, I use a extra thick pen, and use all my fingers. For signatures, I sometimes use an old one on my computer, and paste it onto docs.

do a search for “arthritis pen” and you’ll get a bunch of different pen and pencil designs for people who have issues with hands/fingers


Whenever I can I use those preprinted address labels some of the charities give out, my hand writing is terrible ! https://www.stjude.org/get-involved/other-ways/order-st-jude-checks.html

I have difficulty writing too. I have to write very slowly. Unfortunately, I also have difficulty typing on the computer. Seems to be a hand/eye coordination issue and also loss of feeling in the fingers.


Hand writing/printing is now a thing of the past for me. Now I use the computer whenever I can, even the keyboard can be a challenge sometimes though.
How many words/minute and how fluid I once was on the keyboard compared to now can be somewhat of a measure as to how much this illness is progressing I suppose.
I was at the lawyers office the other day, and they made me sign my name with a pen. They realized my dilemma, however, told me “just do the best you can”. Talk about frustrating and embarrassing, I’m quite sure I appeared illiterate and more than ever I have an awareness of how it must feel. My handwriting used to be impeccable.
A number of years ago, I knew someday I would struggle with handwriting my signature. I could adapt more of a physician type signature using just a scribble or, alternatively, using my very best hand writing I had a rubber stamp made of my signature. It cost me next to nothing to have made (I think I had it made at Staples Office Supplies) and am I ever glad I did!
I also try to use PDF documents where possible, and encourage others to send PDF files on my computer. This way I use the document fill & sign feature in my PDF editor.
I use my computer to conduct my financial business online where possible. I can’t recall the last time I issued a cheque to pay a bill. I don’t even think I have cheques.
Thank goodness, where would we be without computer technology?

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You can try doing something else fine motor related as like a hobby and see if that helps your writing improve.

My research neurogists told me to try like a musical instrument, needlepoint, painting, or even video games. It retrains your brain and also kind of tricks you into practicing while taking away some of the stress.

I say this as a person who plays video games (against my will) daily with my son. :confused: pac man was more my speed.

The quality of my writing seems to fluctuate, it can be near normal unless my Episodic symptoms worsen. Then, I tend to miss letters out of words, and written words can be a combination of capitals and lower case :neutral_face: xB

I already use my computer as much as I can (I can correct my mistakes very easy), I use “bill pay” to pay my bills. I have someone write for me if it’s a lot, but there are times when I have to sign my name(I sign slowly but it is getting harder). Sounds like the stamp would be the best. How fast does the ink dry?

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The stamp is nice, the ink dries almost immediately. I bought the self inking kind (I really don’t know if they are better?) if anything the self-inking one is more compact and easy to carry around.
Not everyone accepts the stamp, i.e. lawyers.
If I recall correctly, I bought it from Staples Office Supply online. It seems to me the signature stamp was some kind of promo at that moment.
vistaprint has them too.

That legality thing was my question also. Do you need anything special to use a stamp rather than an original signature?

This is the one I have.

My Uncle’s Bank suggested, and arranged for a stamp to be made when his signature was becoming illegible. :slightly_smiling_face: xB

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It may be a bit of a grey area from what I can tell. I’ve never had anyone question the stamp. Only my lawyer, who really wasn’t sure. He had me sign documents the original way just to be sure.
As for a court of Law, I suppose there would be a problem if you were to dispute your own signature?
I make sure I keep my stamp in my safe and in my control at all times, so it can’t be fraudulently used by another.

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Some more legalities in the court system. Keep in mind these legal issues may be different, or present differently in your own country. My interpretation of the law is that regardless of the method of signing one’s name to a legal document, a notary person, some sort of witness, or a seal proving authenticity must be present to verify the validity of your signature. And they do so by signing their own name or apply a seal to a document. In that case, I don’t suppose it really matters if you use a stamp or not, as long as the document is witnessed. Where as, it would be virtually impossible to witness a digitally signed document in some circumstances.


I have a great deal of difficulty writing and signing my name. Typing is equally as difficult. I use Dragon Naturally Speaking voice dictation software and it works wonderfully, transcribing everything I say into text. Is capable of learning your voice discrepancies and getting it righ not. I would highly recommend it for answering emails and typing memos.

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