Heavy Pens

I have difficulty with writing, have to write very slowly to make it legible. I was advised to try a weighted pen and the only one I could find was priced at over £50 on Amazon. Before I outlay this money for a pen that may not help has anyone used one and did it help? Otherwise are there any other suggestions to help with my writing?

How about a weigh worn around the wrist? It would keep your arm down on your desk although it probably would make it difficult to write since your arm would not be flat…I cannot imagine a pen heavy enough to help you.
Best of luck.

How about something like lead drapery weights or fishing weights duct taped to a pen? Maybe a longer thinker pen like you can find in a novelty store would be a bit easier too. A rubber grip on the pen can help hang onto it too.

not sure, just trying to think up cheap alternatives.

My occupational therapist had me write 5 times/day -no matter how slow it was! She said to use whatever pen was comfortable, I don't know about weighted pens, but practicing did help me.

Do you see an occupational therapist? They should have a range of different pens to try and see which pen suits you best. I found the Stabilo EASYoriginal helpful, but it's not a miracle cure. Still have bad handwriting :-).

Good luck!


I have this pen in pink
Yes it. Helps
But writing is still bad
Good luck

Thanks for all your suggestions, I shall try the pen pictured and yes I do have an OT. I was told practising was good so I must keep it up!

My 4 year old daughters OT just give us little weights that fit round the middle of normal pens and pencils as she hasn’t got enough strength in her hands to do anything but make marks.

I use a felt "Sharpie" pen, although sometimes there's a problem with bleed-through. I find felt pens give me a bit more control. I also agree with others and practice writing/printing letters, as well as sentences. if you don't use it you lose it...,ha! ;o)