I came across this article and the many benefits of journaling and expressive personal writing.

If you’re interested, you can click the link below:


Hi Glitter!

I can testify doing this sort of thing does help with depression.

Way back when, in the 1980s, I first heard about doing this.

It was a godsend at the time, I'd worked myself up into a

vicious circle of depression and despair. I had to let it out

somehow, and wrote down everything hurtful thing that came

into my head, until I'd exhausted myself.

Realistically, there was no magic wand, things didn't improve

immediately, but I was able to gradually lessen built up tension

and that helped me get a handle on the situation. xB

Hi Glitter on B,

I started last month writing a book about my life, at first writing was a hobby but I started taking seriously and now is my Muse to keep going. I guess I have to admit, I am less sad, I have more energy.

ps. my doctor said, it was a good choice.

I agree with what everyone has said! I started journaling to help my depression (years ago), and continue to do so. I believe it helps me deal better with my ataxia now. Although my writing/printing is not good anymore (due to ataxia), it's a great way to "practice", as if you don't use it, you lose it. So I believe it's a win-win situation. Therapeutic for the mind and physically helpful besides! Thanks for sharing the link, Glitter on Butterflies! ;o)

I started a writing course when I was at an all time low.. diagnosed CA and forced to leave work.

I did start working for my husband but lost my confidence. I started a writing course and wrote my life story but that fizzled out. It was really good for me though and led to me writing to my friend about it.. this was a rediscovered friend from school whom I found on friends reunited.. and we 'journal' each other throughout the day and evening. It really works well.. in addition of course to writing on ataxia forums. xx