You Don't Have To Start Living Like You're Dying Strictly for When You Find Out Your Time is Limited

Although a totally different diagnosis, I found this inspirational and thought that I’d share it with the group here:

I'm not on facebook or twitter, but logged onto the above link and got the gist of it. Some people are

blessed with a gift that comes to light in extraordinary circumstances.

What a courageous young man. Beautiful family and friends too.
Thank you for sharing this very touching story.

I watched the video and it put me to shame.

Don’t be ashamed,Marie. We are all different. Just because one person can do something, does not mean everybody can do it. Take care and hang in there.

Thanks Cicina. Wish I could be cheerful and positive.

Thanks for sharing this with us Glitter.

Thanks everyone; and no shame necessary. I just thought that it was beautiful and incredible.

What a beautiful story of a courageous young man! Thanks for sharing..., ;o)