A warm welcome to all newcomers 😊

It’s often far from easy broaching the subject of Ataxia but here you are among friends, and we all understand the complexities and challenges of this condition​:slightly_smiling_face: So feel 'at home’:blush:

There is reliable information regarding the many and various Ataxias, plus useful links, on www.ataxia.org and www.ataxia.org.uk



Thank you, Beryl. Glad to be part of such a nice group. You have all been a big help to.me. I start in home PT tomorrow. I’ll let everyone know how well I do. Easter blessings to all.

Thanks for the nice note! Beryl, we’re lucky to have you!

Diolch / Thank you, Beryl

Yes, I think the friendly atmosphere, of this forum, is a benefit to all knowing they are within a sharing community.

Alan (Wales)

Thank you, I always have question and concerns on what I can do to make life easier for my husband.