Who uses one and how can I go about getting one to aid with speech that does not treat me as a child.

Kati Lea I think you know about them. Speech is not slurred but rather non existent and I am reluctant to talk as it is so hard

Speech Therapist told us about this.

Prologue 4 TEXT

http://www.assistiveware.com/product/proloquo4text This is just coming out. We are thinking about getting this one!!!

Prologue2 Go

http://www.assistiveware.com/product/proloquo2go this works for kids (pictures) to adults (text). Works on ipod, ipad, and I think iphone. Videos shown on right of page some are for adults there are more on the site.

Thanks for the info PG.Got an oldish I phone.Went on a speech therapy course and had a speech assessment but that was three years ago.My speech has worsened now so I am looking at assisstive devices .

If your hands are steady then you can type on iPod or iPhone more convenient. If not an iPad might be better. I think they r a little bigger n maybe buttons be bigger on iPad.

We want to get the new prologue4 it is text only kind.

HI Marie

As you know I have been using AAC for many years now. I was previously assessed professionally and got funded a LIghtwriter by my local NHS (before first iPad came out). I have been using Proloquo2go since 2010. Whilst it can be set up for text only and now has word prediction and shortcuts (didn't when I got it) it is primarily aimed at people who need symbols and this reflects in the price. It's one of the more expensive apps.

Their new app Proloquo4Text is currently in its third build and been tested for bugs with iOS7, it will be ready for the app store soon. It is aimed at the literate adult user who does not require symbols and does not want to have to make up 'pages' on their device for each situation. I am unsure of the final price though as I get them free (the perks of being a Beta tester!) ;)
However I believe it will not be as expensive as Proloquo2go, due to it not needing access to huge amounts of symbols and editing features. Although it is fully editable it is a much simpler process than creating your own pagesets on P2G!