Has anyone tried Tapping/EFT, like Accupuncture without needles?

No.. I havent yet .. sore point with me as my brother keeps telling me to spend £300 on a course for this and I havent got £300 to spare.

Plus I dont know that I would have the self discipline to do it. Everything seems to be such an effort .. I already have brain overload. LOL.

Still interested though.


Saw it on the internet.Cynical but not tried it.

Does it have any benefits for people with Ataxia?

I'm very interested, but have not tried it. Can you give more details? Also, like Mark asked, any benefit for ataxia? ;o)

I’m checking it out online…if it’s free, it’s for me :slight_smile:

Regarding helping to relieve ataxia issues, if it works - which I’m somewhat hesitant on this - but kind of figure that it couldn’t hurt - it supposedly is like affirmations on steroids, if I understand it right.

This is one of the videos that I found: