Amusing observations

We are staying in static caravan [trailer] at the moment. The kitchen area has laminate flooring and has hollow sound frrom underneath.
When I ‘stand’ unaided, to maintain balance, I apparently move on the spot and it sounds like Michael Flatly.
Surprisingly, the slight movement of the floor, doesnt cause me to fall… my brain seems to compensate.

Patsy, my first recollection of a balance problem happened in a caravan!

We were visiting friends who were on holiday, out of the blue I became disorientated
and commented that the floor wasn’t level. Nobody gave it a second thought, after all
it was a caravan.

Happy holiday :slight_smile: xB

Yes, Beryl, we are very sensitive to slightest movement.
On reflection, I recall not being able to run up and down train carriages or buses, like my brother and sister.
[I wasnt diagnosed till my late 50’s]

Hey Pasty , Good to know the improvement.

I had to laugh at your note here! I was looking at caravans (online). My problem is that I think things are no problem, then I attempt to do them and I'm disappointed. Good to know!

Aaaaah Patsy! A new career for you! The new star of Riverdance! :slight_smile:

sitting still I could conquer the world :slight_smile: xB

Yes, Beryl, sitting still, I dance and run and the adoring crowd applauds… And then, people around me wonder why I am so tired all the time . Dreaming can be a tiring hobby ! :0)

Keep on smiling and go save the world…

LOL… loving these comments. I am always thinking of things I could ‘arrange’ then when it gets nearer the time, I have anxiety attacks and feel really ill. I cant look up properly and just feel like I am waiting at the bus stop.
I think the best way forward is to do the things that are easily manageable, preferably on a regular basis.
That’s not easy when you have others to consider. I have to forgo my ‘rituals’ sometimes and just get on with it.

Dear Patsy, I laughed when I read your post, especially your comment about Michael Flatly...,LOL! Seriously, I'm glad you're able to compensate! I remember a stay in a very old cottage, at a resort we went to a couple years ago. The flooring in the bathroom was uneven, so with balance problems you can imagine the trouble I had negotiating the sink and toilet...,ha! Funny now, NOT funny then...,ha! ;o)

Yes Beryl, my thoughts exactly. When I'm sitting in a restaurant eating, I see people walking effortlessly just putting one foot in front of the other, and I say to myself, when I get up I'm going to do the same thing, just walk normally, but then I get up and stiffness sets in and walking and maintaining balance becomes awkward.

Beryl Park said:

sitting still I could conquer the world :-) xB

..wonderful posting..all of u..