Ataxia autoimmune disorder and low blood pressure

So I have ataxia, an autoimmune disorder, and low blood pressure. I’m wondering if they cause each other? I was diagnosed with autoimmune first. (I’ve never been diagnosed low blood pressure, but it’s been recorded at 90/50 several times, and usually runs low.) my dad was diagnosed with ataxia first, but he also had low blood pressure. And it really wasn’t until several years later he was diagnosed with autoimmune. Does anyone have all 3?

Can I ask what autoimmune disorder?

Crohns disease

Thank you. Does Crohns cause inflammation?

Once our bodies have chronic inflammation in one part of our body, then we can have it elsewhere without cause. My ataxia is cause by gluten and has triggered inflammation of my brain and surrounding tissue.

That may be a key to what you're experiencing. Food for thought.

Yes, I have low blood pressuer and autoimmune too!

I’ve Thought about inflammation being everywhere. Jeannie if you don’t mind me asking what type of Autoimmune do you have?

Just fyi, I have Celiac Disease which is an autoimmune disease. :-)

An autoimmune disorder may affect one or more organ or tissue types. Areas often affected by autoimmune disorders include:

  • Blood vessels
  • Connective tissues
  • Endocrine glands such as the thyroid or pancreas
  • Joints
  • Muscles
  • Red blood cells
  • Skin

Because I found that Toxin's in foods etc. makes a difference for me I know. Other's in my family have lot's of Thyroid problems.

Sorry, I forgot to answer you. Crohns is ibd, yes it causes inflammation. I watch my diet, but I’m not glueton intolerant. I wonder if the autoimmune, if it comes first, causes ataxia; and if ataxia comes first does it cause an autoimmune. I just skimmed an article on how Crohns affects the brain.

Julie in Colorado said:

Just fyi, I have Celiac Disease which is an autoimmune disease. :slight_smile:

I was told that I have allot of inflammation in my body. I tested for Gluten and was borderline normal but I was told to try to give it up for a few weeks just to see if I felt any better. I didn't feel that big of a difference within a few weeks but I stayed off. After 6 weeks I lost my sciatic nerve problem so I've been off since. That was 2007.

I have autoimmune --rheumatoid arthritis markers and symptoms, and ataxia. I have very high blood pressure, much of the time, which didn’t start until the other things did. Personally, I think all of my issues are either caused/ triggered or worsened by a surgical mesh implant for a hernia.

Just a comment about low blood pressure. I read in several medical reports that low blood pressure by itself is not considered a problem. Some people just have a low pressure, and that is OK. It becomes a problem only if you have symptoms after the blood pressure drops suddenly by 30 points or more following getting up from a seating position or when surprised by something.That may be called Orthostatic Hypotension, meaning that the body does not have a normal reaction to something that happens suddenly. It is the sudden drop that is a problem.

I too have Ataxia thought to be as a result of Systemic Lupus Erythematosus (SLE). Have quite a history of major attacks that have been life threatening. Not at all sure that low blood pressure is a symptom of SLE. I had wacky anti-bodies munch up my blood platelets (not a pretty site) but my blood pressure is sound for my age.

Your doctor should be on this problem.

I have auto immune induced cerebellar ataxia.This is what is thought because I have elevated levels of AB nuclear and antiGAD antibodies in my blood--(whatever these are...) As a result I was given a dose of plasmapheresis (blood cleaning).

I found that this did not help at all but on one ocassion brought my blood pressure was so low, I fainted. Next, I have been taking (and still take) IVIG, one a month in a hospital out-patient room. Cant tell if its successful. No one in my family has this.. but there is a background of various auto-immune disorders, such as alopecia areata, (mother) and Reynaud's Phenomena, that cold hand syndrome (mild--brother) and other goodies.

Have you check this out too?

Yes I have. Nobody ever said anything to me about fibromaliga although lately my joints hurt or are stiff or diet for that matter. My gluten testing showed no abnormalities and my neuro said, "eat whatever is tasty." But thanks for thinking of me.

Jeannie Ball said:


I took IVIG and I also had Plasmaphersis. With IVIG I would experience about 2 wks of some relief but after about 3 months of treatment of infusions every 2 wks I stopped the treatment. The blood cleansing seemed not to help at all.

I have a number of Lupus type symptoms and as I reported have had life threatening occurrences.

I take a drug, Cellcept, which is common to prescribe to folks who have had a transplant in order to keep the new organ from being rejected. Since Lupus (SLE) attacks ones own body that made since to me.

Cellcept will not fix the damage that has already been done it hopefully will help to prevent anti-bodies from attacking an organ or my blood platelets in the future.

There was a report from the Mayo Hospital in MN where a number of folks, recall 14, that were given IVIG and around 7 found success -- Not sure how long the seven had been diagnosed with Ataxia. The seven were all men. SLE is more common in women than men, Asian, black and Native American women have acute SLE in numbers that exceed Caucasians.

I do know that sun causes me grief. I limit sun exposure.