Atmospheric Pressure

Just wondering if anyone else has worsening Ataxia balance problems during strongish windy weather. I don’t mean being blown about by the strong wind, (this in itself causes some tricky balancing acts for me,) but I seem to have more pronounced balance wobbles even indoors when the low pressure/high winds appear. I have to say that luckily I manage to stay positive about my condition and convince myself that things are not too bad most of the time but I do miss my previous hobbies of radio controlled model boats and metal detecting. I had to give both a rest due to the danger of being too near to water, plus metal detecting involves lots of walking around fields and a fair amount of digging. Covid would of course have kept me inactive in that respect however my master plan, when I can get out again, is to visit our local garden centre followed by a visit to a fish and chip shop…I really do enjoy my fish and a pennyworth but it’s a while since chips cost a penny and the fish cost two pence :grin:
Anyway, sorry if I’ve bored anyone with my jibbering I’ll push off now I’ve got it off my chest. Hope I haven’t posted in the wrong section.
Stay safe everyone… Ian.


I’ve learned from physical therapists that atmospheric pressure does have an effect on joints and muscles. So I can see how Ataxia symptoms could also be affected.

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Thanks Chas, for the last couple of days we have had some fairly strong winds and I have been struggling. I reckon you are right in thinking as I do about the low pressure. It’s a similar situation that I get when my bi -monthly B12 is running out.


Yes, I thought it was phsychological, so quite pleased to read reply from @Chas521 … thanks to you both for bringing this up. x

Yes I definitely have more wobbles and must be careful not to fall when then atmospheric pressure goes crazy. I’m not a very happy camper when this happens. It also seems to make my thinking foggy too.

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