Ataxia Shirts

I wanted to ask - does anyone know of somewhere that I can get a shirt - preferably a running one (CoolMax-type fabric) with some kind of Ataxia message on it? I am registered for the 5k run in New York City the day before the Marathon and even though my wife will be with me, I'd like to have something to let people know I'm not all over the road because I am drunk! I've looked and can't find anything - from what I have seen my only choice is to get it done myself - but that would cost a lot to do so I am looking to see if anyone knows of a company that has something like this - preferably that ships to Canada!



Ataxia UK do these:

And in the U.S offer these.

You'd have to check with them about postage to Canada.

Hope this helps.


Thanks - only thing is these aren't tech ones. I found at cafepress you can do custom shirts - I may get one through them. I'm actually going to a hotel in upstate NY in a couple of weeks (the wife and I go to Lake Placid to watch the Ironman) so I may get it shipped there.