Ataxia Vest

I tried the ataxia weighted vest in Tampa, FL at a patient demonstration one month ago. I was skeptical that it would improve my mild gait problems, but it certainly helped. The inventor was present, and I understand the cost is about $1000.00 US. I'm not sure if my insurance will help, but I will pursue this. I did not have the opportunity to try it for long, so I'm not sure about it's efficacy in helping my mild speech and balance problems, but others have positive results I'm told.- Tom

I’ve seen lots of videos on this and it looks very promising. I live in the U.K and I e mailed them however; they don’t have the patent to bring it over here yet. I’m hoping they do.

A member of my support group (here in the UK) is in Las Vegas trying a vest.
I’ll report her findings. :slight_smile: xB