Ataxic gait

Hi all, I am looking for feed back.
I have pretty severe ataxia.
I am unable to walk without a walker. When walking or standing my legs hyper extend. I think that is really taking it’s toll on my knee’s.
I’m having severe pain behind my right knee. Has anyone else had this problem? If so any suggestions?
Thank you in advance :wink:

have you heard of magnet therapy? ive been using it for 40 years now. but i had a brain storm 1 night and tryed it . i wore my insoles in my shoes and im walking like a normal person now. i have cerebellar
ataxia. but if you want to try it i suggest to buy nikken magnets. theres too many copycats out there today.

Hello, no, I’ve never heard of them before. I will look into that.
Thank you

:smirk: Knee problems are very common with ataxia. But, it’s important to check with a doctor, just to completely rule out anything that could possibly be corrected, or treated. :slightly_smiling_face: xB

When I hurt my shoulder rotator cuff, I ran across this site and it seemed interesting. Of course, do not do anything that might hurt you.

Hi Chas521, Thank you so much. I am definitely going to give this a try :slight_smile:

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When I hurt my shoulder rotator cuff, I ran across this site and it seemed interesting. Of course, do not do anything that might hurt you.
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I would check with your doctor first to see if there is any underlying condition going on. I’ve never heard of having knee problems with ataxia.

An idea: check with a sports injuries therapist and see if using some sports tape would help you not hyper extend your knees. It could limit your range of motion. JD

I would have to think that when the gait changes, stress can be put on parts of the knee that might not get that extra stress normally. So I can see possible bad things happening.

Yes. I lunge to the side when I walk, which places a lot of stress on my knee, particularly the right one. It is not from the ataxia itself, it is from the way of walking.

Hi linda, that’s what I thought. I’ve made an appointment with my knee Dr. I previously had ACL surgery. I couldn’t get in until March 22nd through. So in the mean time I’ll do the best I can. :green_heart:

My knees are becoming painful, I find kneeling almost impossible, not that I really want to kneel on a regular basis :wink: After sitting in one position for any length of time (car journeys etc), actually getting mobile again can be especially challenging. On the one hand, I wonder if the problem would ease if only I could lose weight :face_with_hand_over_mouth: But I also have painful big toes. Gout would be the last straw :roll_eyes: xB

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My knees hiper- extend too, I have to use the walker all the time, but there is such a difference in walking. It goes slow, but it goes, since I got the braces, they hold my knees more in place, and alow my feet to come up, and not just drag.

Hi Jubie, I can not walk without a Walker, but outside I have to use the wheelchair. I see the knee Specialist in March. What kind of braces do you have?

I too had the exact problem you have and I purchased a knee brace that was from Don Joy. It came with tiny spacers that are interchangeable. The knee brace was used for about 2 weeks when the muscles in my knee strengthened.

lady bug; I am the same as you; one step and I am down. I was cleaning the cat box and thought I could make it to my walker, but one step and down I went down. I looked on my braces and there was no name. My neice (also my caregiver) said they are just Custom AFO’s. My neurologist sent me to physical therapy and the woman there gave me the name. I have an electric scooter for outdoors. When you see the Specialist tell him just Custom AFO’s with the hinges at the heals. If I can be of any help, just let me know.

I also have an electric chair. My arms are also severely Ataxic so my chair has the toggle.
Thank goodness for these things being adaptive, :purple_heart:
Thank you

Your more than welcome.

I have stiffness and knee problems too, but I don’t think its a weight issue.

So far, I haven’t mentioned this to my GP, or Neurologist but, I may bring it up at my next review. It could be entirely ataxia related or, because I already have arthritis confirmed upper body, it could simply be due to that :thinking: Obviously we know there are medications to try but personally I’m always concerned about side affects. Basically, my joints need oiling :wink: xB